video Make Great Cordage Out Of Grass
This is a very easy method of making your own natural cord out of any material with long fibers (like grass)
If you like my video, I have loads of them on my blog!
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Psyckosama1 year ago

I like. Took me an age to get it right when I learned. I found a good way to pick it up is by natural twine. It's much easier to tell if you're not getting the braid down right using twine. It'll unravel the already braided twine. After that, once you have your motion down you can do it with almost anything

itd be cool if you had the instructions on here so i dont have to watch a video i can just read the instructions
Is this good for jewelry making? Will it be irritating to wear?
That was an awesome instructable .Thanks sooo much for sharing!!
Thevail.TS3 years ago
Thank you soo much..I've watched and read a lot of stuff on cordage and never been able to quite get the motion right. You made it so easy! Great. camera work and fabulous job keeping your fingers out of the way..seriously not easy.
travw3 years ago
Was that a BK2? If so, nice knife choice! =)
nepheron (author)  travw3 years ago
It's actually a custom knife made by Gray Wolf knives. Best knife I ever had. 59rc so it's not brittle. Scandi grind so it's a breeze to maintain.
travw nepheron3 years ago
Looks like a user! I love that in a knife. What steel is it? 1095?
nepheron (author)  travw3 years ago

Gray wolf knife model #3
nepheron (author)  travw3 years ago
Yep, 1095. It's a beautiful simple tool. It's not that hard so it doesn't chip. I'll post a full picture of it later.
travw travw3 years ago
Wait, it's not. Never mind.

Also, really cool! I'll definitely make some soon.
Mr.19113 years ago
Really cool 'ible!! 5 S-T-A-R-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
palombo50503 years ago
Great survival skill to know. Rope is just as important as a knife or such tool. I have always wanted to know how to make grass rope. Thanks
tictaclad3 years ago
im glad you won this works great]
nepheron (author)  tictaclad3 years ago
Hey, thanks so much :)
jediwhiz33 years ago
Looks great! Like you said there are so many other varieties of materials you can use. I used yucca fiber...
bondiboi3 years ago
Just to say, you've just made a cord that you would rate at what? the strength of string?then repeat the method shown in the video with the chord you've just made (he used about 6 strands of grass, so about 6 of those chords made in the video) and do the method shown and you then have a stronger cord, this can be repeated until you have something you could use to make a small washing line or when wet, rapped round a tin to hold it shut then when it dries it can be cut of!, hope people agree with me?
could you use this as bowstring?
nepheron (author)  hossweightlifter3 years ago
If you made it our of a stronger natural fiber, absolutely! Traditional bowstrings are made of flax fibers, animal sinew, rawhide, and hemp twined in this method.

It's certainly possible to make of out of grass, but it may be a bit thick for practical use. Your best bet will be sinew, rawhide cut into strips, or hemp cord. Flax takes weeks of preparation.
What would be a good substitute for a factory made bowstring on a recurve?
nepheron (author)  hossweightlifter3 years ago
Gets some hemp cord from the craft store and twine a 6 or 7 ply rope. Loop it at the ends, and give it a try! Check out this thread on homemade hemp bowstrings.

You will need "long" fiber hemp cord. Typically, jewelry hemp cord isn't going to be as strong as its' long-fibered counterpart you can buy here.
Thanks for the advice
Btw i gave you my vote
CrLz3 years ago
Tight! Thanks for teaching!
vincent75203 years ago
great instructable
video and explanations are relevant and clear.
Nicely done, that looks like nicer cord than I have been able to form with typical braids. I'll have to give it a shot.
This would make good snare material if you were stranded in the wilderness and needed to trap small creatures for food. It gets my vote.
nepheron (author)  CatTrampoline3 years ago
thanks :)
Lissastrata3 years ago
Very excellent! I can't wait to try that!
cool. you can use the rope from here to make my survival bed. awesome idea btw :)
mmartin73 years ago
Made a thick one and it could handle my weight on a tree.
nepheron (author)  mmartin73 years ago
AHAhaahaha, can you post a picture??
bobobano3 years ago
Excellent video, very clearly and simple to follow. Vital knowledge for when the Zombie Apocalypse gets here.
Tupulov3 years ago
Excellent! VERY well done. I've seen pictures and illustrations of how to make cordage but couldn't get it to work. This made it clear and easy. Keep up the good work.
I always kinda wondered actually.
How well does it hold up?
You can make a whole bridge out of dry grass using similar techniques. Check out this video (skip the annoying first 20 seconds).

@nepheron: nice video, I had seen the basic technique before but never understood how you splice in a new piece but in your video that step is quite clear. Thanks
nepheron (author)  FoolishSage3 years ago
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. That's a cool video, but those bridges are nothing compared to the grass bridge I made across the Grand Canyon.
nepheron (author)  dreiseratops3 years ago
It's surprisingly strong stuff. I can't break the thicker cord at the end by pulling on it as hard as I can. I'm trying to think of a way to actually measure the strength and get a number value.
Kryptonite3 years ago
Awesome camera work, it makes it so clear! Nice and concise, too :D
zazenergy3 years ago
Cool video! thanks for sharing!