Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes Without a Special Pan

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This instructable will teach you how to make heart shaped cupcakes with standard cupcake pans. I got this idea from a mother whose child was in my oldest daughter's preschool class. We've been making this every Valentine's Day since.
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Step 1: Get The Stuff

Picture of Get The Stuff
You need:
cake batter (one box prepared according to package instructions)
cupcake pans
cupcake liners
colored sprinkles (optional)

Step 2: Filling The Pans

Picture of Filling The Pans
heartcupcake 003.jpg
Place liners in your pan(s). Fill with cake batter 1/2 full. Do not overfill!
Place a marble between the pan and the lining paper. This creates an indentation in the baked cupcakes that is the top of the heart shape. Bake as usual.

Step 3: Cool

Picture of Cool
Once they are baked, allow the cupcakes to cool at room temperature. The marbles will be quite hot so don't take the cupcakes out until they are cooled or you are prepared to handle the hot marbles. It is best just to wait it out.

Step 4: Frost

Picture of Frost
heartcupcake 006.jpg
Part of the heart-shaped illusion is the frosting method. Take advantage of the indented part of the cupcake and spread your icing into two arches so it looks like the top part of the heart. At the point directly opposite of this, spread the icing to accentuate the look of a point. The best way to do this is to not spread to the edges of the cupcake top except where the arches and points are meant to go.

Cover with colored sprinkles, if desired.