Step 3: Step 3: Make the Fabric, Part 2

Now, you are going to eliminate the stickiness. First, take the fabric and flip it over, so the sticky side is up. Then, layer it like you did before, to completely cover up the sticky side. Make edges line up as exactly as possible, but if they don't, we will fix that next step. Continue layering until it is done. You have to be NEAT!!!!
<p>I like this. You could make a whole table runner by just making it longer and longer. I also like your idea of &quot;saving&quot; your colours by using the standard tape for the base. :-D</p>
<br>I had this idea but it did not work out! not saying that you copyed my idea good job!
Thanks a lot! I hope that more people view this! i will make another duct tape instructable on duct tape in a week or so.... Thanks!
Your welcome!!!! :-D

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