Aren't these CUTE! And, yes, I said you can make the cone bags with your clothes iron...here's how:

Step 1: Making Hot Chocolate Cone Bags

First, get some regular sandwich bags...not the freezer ones. The ones I used measured 6.5” x 5.875”. Then cut off the zip tops.
Preheat your clothes iron to the wool setting...no steam. Place the baggie on the ironing board (covered with heavy paper), lay a cloth over the baggie at an angle and using the edge of your iron, slowly press down along the cloth edge (I count slowly to 7).
Slowly peel back the cloth. Repeat on the other side.
Open the bag to test the seal. It may take a couple tries to get it right depending upon your iron and how long you press it. I messed up several bags before I got it right. Also, don't worry if your bags don't come to a point. It won't matter, especially if you make paper holders for them.
Cut off the excess bag.
I saw this when it came out but today made them for stocking stuffers! Really cute and as easy as you claim. I did not have red or green twist ties, so I just wrapped a red ribbon while in the assembly mug and tied it tight. Then I curled the ribbon for a bit more festivity. Great Instructable!
Thank you. I bet the ribbon looks great!
What brand, exactly, do you use for powdered milk? All I can ever find is dry milk and it's in a flake form, which I've used before to make homemade cocoa mix but I had to grind it to make it a powdered form. Love your trick for the bags, and the fact that you cut your twist ties in half. That is SO me!!
Powdered milk and dry milk is the same. I used Sanalac nonfat dry milk. It's a very fine powder. Thanks about the twist ties...why waste, right?
How cute ! I have a food sealer so maybe I'll seal the bags with that!
Thanks! I was going to mention that you can use a food saver. I wanted to show that you can make them without any special equipment. Thanks for posting and I'd love to see yours when you're done.
Nice idea. I especially like using heat to seal the plastic cone! Thanks for posting.
Cute idea!
Thank you. They really turn out cute.

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