This video demonstrates a purely chemical process to produce large quantities of hydrogen gas from common, inexpensive chemicals. Hydrogen is a highly esteemed alternative fuel candidate because its combustion with atmospheric oxygen results in only clean water vapor, rather than carbon compounds as is the case with most other fuels. It is less dense than air, which means that it can be used to lift objects into the sky.

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<p>building right now</p>
<p>How does one dispose of the liquids in the flask and the bottle safely? </p>
I have been using this method to make hydrogen, but for some reason it seems to produce about 1/3 as much hydrogen as you do. Is there anything I could to for trouble shooting?
I can't really tell you much without witnessing what you're doing. Would it be possible for you to record a video?<br><br>Is your acid the same concentration as what I show in the video?
It is the same concentration as yours. I may be able to record a video.
I was watching this video, when my mom walked in and asked me why I was listening to Zulu... of course.. <br> <br>Anyways, great 'ible.. as always!
I have found a diagram that was on hooloovoo33s instructable thanks hooloovoo33 it demonstrates my description with bottle instead p.s. sorry cant hit remove button on kindle so three pics are stuck
Could you use two Pbc pipes with a cap on each end of both pipes then a hole with a tube coming out of the caps and two tees with a section of pipe going beetween the tees with a small hole in either pipe for anode and cathode just an idea for electrolis method sorry about no punctuation and bad spelling I am typing on my new kindle fire and the keyboard is horrible
i saw how to do this on kipkay
explination of what goes on in a works bomb
Is this the same reaction that happens when making a works toilet cleaner bomb/
Now make balloon targets for archery practice with a flaming arrow. Maybe try affixing a piece of a 'punk' from a fireworks store to the tip. A punk is a long-lasting, slow-burning, low-temperature rod usually made of camel feces that stays just hot enough to light firework fuses, but cool enough to not light damp grass.
ok man ive checked out a few of your ibles and you need to do us all a huge favor man design a way to hook this hydrogen generator up to your foam rocket so you can pipe hydrogen into the rocket instead of hair spray but still be safe about it, like a one way valve or a shut off valve from the hydrogen generator to a balloon to the rocket or something! Rock on keep up the killer work!!
Not very safe to be firing a toy rocket near a flask of acid.
very true maybe bag the hydrogen to a balloon and then feed away from the acid flask into the launcher as needed.... my son has a hydrogen rocket from a big name model rocket company but you cant find the crystals to make the hydrogen any more....
If it used crystals it sounds similar to a carbide cannon, in which case the fuel was acetylene, not hydrogen. Calcium carbide produces acetylene when dropped into water, which is what a number of replica cannons use for a loud report. Never heard of its use in a rocket, but it might be worth asking the manufacturer or checking online if that was indeed the fuel, in which case you may be able to find it under a different brand.
Cool! Sounds better than needing to order NaOH online, to make hydrogen from the reactions with aluminum.
NaOH is also commonly available in hardware stores and supermarkets, marked as Lye.
I had heard and read that online a lot, but whenever I go to look for it at the store, I can never find it, and the employees don't seem to know what I'm talking about. Are there any particular brands that you know of that I could look for or request?
Red Devil or Rooto
So easy!! who knew??!! <br>
Cool You rock need to build

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