Picture of Make Indispensible, Portable, Useful Support Posts.
This instructable shows how to make a portable, and extremely helpful support post(s). Can be used in many functions, many areas. There are many uses for these posts as you will see.

Step 1: Using Forms to make the base

Picture of Using Forms to make the base
As always, there are several ways to cast the base. Depending on where it will be used ultimately, select cans of various sizes, for a large base, I use a large coffee can. But smaller cans have their place as well. I decided to use a plastic flower pot as a form in order to make a more attractive post base.
DaveNJ6 years ago
Another great idea C-man. Keep them coming. NIce pool and I like the "Tools" sign in your shop too. I will put to use in the next few weeks on some containers I am starting that will need staking. I was wondering how I was going to do because putting a stake in a container is not that great. Thanks!
I have nearly the same lamp as you, and I think thats an awesome way to mount it.