Introduction: Make It Extreme's Logo From Metal Chips

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This time the video that we have prepared is different from all the others but it is equally interesting. What we have made up, now? Well, this time we decided to make the logo of our team the ‘make it extreme’ using the iron filings that we have collected from the various cuts that we used for all of our previous constructions that were already presented to you on our youtube channel.

Step 1: Start

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To start with, the particular project was created by cutting our logo on a laser cutter. Then, we cut four copies on a MDF wood of 4mm thickness and we conglutinated them using a particular glue for wooden molds. Therefore, the logo that we created on the wood has 16mm total thickness and 35cm diameter. Our wooden logo was sprayed with a special non-stick substance and then we utterly covered it with a special silicone for molds apart from its back side.

Step 2: Epoxy Resin and Iron Filings

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A day after, when the silicone was hardened, we removed the wooden mold from inside to create a mold made of silicone that imprinted every single detail from the original mold. The mold made of silicone has the benefit that it can be used multiple times and it can produce many copies. Then, we sprayed the mold from silicone using a non-stick substance and after that we filled it with a transparent, epoxy resin and iron filings. Thus, after the resin had hardened, we removed it from the mold and the incredible outcome amazed us.

Step 3: Finish

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Moreover, we placed it in a wooden, round frame that we had already painted it in green colour, which is also used in our machines. On the particular round frame, we put wooden letters painted in white shaping the inscription ‘any time is a time to build’. This inscription reflects our view and presence in the workshop of the ‘make it extreme’ team.

Finally, behind our logo, we set a hidden lighting with batteries to be lightened during the night. Although, that was a new experience for us and even if it is our first trial on such a thing, the outcome was amazing. We must admit that we are very pleased that this creation will decorate our workshop from now on!

Step 4: Video


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