Introduction: Make It Float- Cool Science Test for Kids

Make it float you say? Huh...
What does that mean
It means more than float
It means to try more things
Be the science person you are
And see if Gravity is pushing down hard on the object
In the water...
That's what "make it float" means now.
It also means
To see if it's moving in all sorts of directions
To see the wind

Step 1: Materials Matter

Grab something inflatable (that you can pump) and grab objects you wish to put in it.
I did a rubber band,
Crazy things

Step 2: Pump It Up

Pump the inflatable thing that you have until it's completely thick.

Step 3: Fill It

Fill it with water about the length as shown on the picture. You may get a ruler to see how many inches it will be. Mine is about 1 inch.

Step 4: Add It In!

Add the materials in and watch it float. See which ones float and which ones do not. If it's light there's a chance it will float.

Step 5: Waves

Move a popsicle stick back and forth to make waves


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