This Instructable will be showing you how to make these simple magnetic 'LED Rollies' these roll around your desk or table while you wiggle a Neodymium magnet under the surface. Try using these in the dark and impress your friends and family. This project does not require any soldering or gluing as everything is held in place via the magnets.


1 Large Neodymium Magnet (I scavenged mine from an old hard drive)
2 Small magnets (You can take these apart from magnetic toys)
3 LR930 Style batteries (I got mine from an old torch)
1 Roll of Tape (optional)
1 Table that is less than 3/4 inch thickness. (You can also use strong cardboard)
2 or more LEDs ( You can also make the effect with colour changing RGB LEDs)

Step 1: Putting the Batteries Together

This part is very easy as all you have to do is stack the batteries on top of each other positive side up. Now Place the magnets on the top and the bottom of the battery pile so that one of the magnets is on the positive side and one is on the negative side.
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