Make Large Scale Horns for Less Than $10 With Aluminum Foil & Duct Tape





Introduction: Make Large Scale Horns for Less Than $10 With Aluminum Foil & Duct Tape

A super easy, super cheap way to make impressive, large-scale horns for your Hallowe'en, cosplay, or other accessory needs. No messy papier-mâché, glue, or carving tools needed!

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Great video, with awesome instructions. I'm going to a murder mystery party in less than a week, and needed something quick and cheap. Will definetly try. Looks great!

Perfect! I want to make horns for a large doll and have been wondering how the head would support fimo clay or even wooden horns. These will be so lightweight and if one gets messed up I can remake it without freaking out about "all that time and money".

This is a truly creative and wonderful 'ible! thanks so much! hoping to make deer antlers :)

While these came out rather lumpier than I want, I would like to say that this is a great video and your voice is awesome for narration.

Made myself a set of demon horns using your instructable, I am a huge fan of Maleficent and when I saw the tutorial I had to try it. It was so easy and turned out waaaay cool. Considering making costume themed as Maleficent's Brother. Also going to make other types of horns, Thanks sooo very much for posting this tutorial it is epic.

First of all, this is the most innovative and clever way of making horns I have ever seen. Legit. Second, is that a riddler cane in progress in the background? Because it's also legit.

This reminds me of a character on a show on history channel.... Horny Mike. Guess which one he is?


Love it! Now I have the urge to make a pair of horns for every day of the week. ^_^

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I feel EXACTLY the same way lol I'm thinking deer, ram, and antelope. Maybe a nice unicorn horn for good measure. ;)

That is awesome! I wouldn't have been able to tell it was aluminum foil under there :D