Make Lemonade and Clean Your Microwave





Introduction: Make Lemonade and Clean Your Microwave

You can easily clean your microwave and make lemonade, at the same time.
In this Instructable, Microwave oven will be called a Microwave.  I know Microwaves are different than Microwave ovens,just like drill motors are different than drills, but most people refer to them as drills just like most people refer to Microwave ovens as Microwaves.  (This should keep my Grandfather happy)

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  1.  One Fresh Lemon
  2.  One Microwave-safe Bowl
  3.  One cup of water
  4.  One Knife
  5.  One Cutting Board
  6.  Juice Squeezer Thingy (See Photo)
  7.  Sponge
  8.  Glass
 9.  Spoon
10.  Sugar
11.  Ice
12.  Strainer
13.  Microwave

Step 2: Cut the Lemon

Cut the lemon into two equal pieces......Bi-Fruit-Cation.
Rinse the knife...the good stuff inside the lemon is not so good for a knife.

Step 3: Squeeze the Lemon

Use the Juice Squeezer to get the juice and pulp out of the lemon.

Step 4: Pour the Lemon Juice Into the Microwave-safe Cup

Pour the lemon juice and pulp into the Microwave-safe cup with one cup of water.
I like to keep the pulp in the juice, so I do not strain in this step.

Step 5: Put the Microwave-safe Cup, With Juice, Into the Microwave

Put the Microwave-safe cup, with juice, into the Microwave.
If your microwave has a turntable, put the cup near the edge of the turntable.
If your microwave does not have a turntable, put the cup in the middle.

Step 6: Microwave the Juice

Microwave the juice.  I like to run the Microwave for three minutes fourteen seconds, then move the container to the other side of the turntable, and run it for another three minutes fourteen seconds.  I then have a little chuckle to myself and think about circumference.

Step 7: Clean the Microwave

After Microwaving the juice, there should be a nice coating of hot juice moisture on the inside of the Microwave.
Use your sponge to wipe the inside of the Microwave.  Don't forget to wipe the door and under the turntable.
You can then use the now wet sponge to wipe the outside of the Microwave.

Step 8: Add Sugar to Hot Lemon Juice and Water

Add sugar to the hot lemon juice and water.  I like to put three tablespoon-fulls in.
You could do this right after you pull it out of the Microwave, while it is nice and hot.

Step 9: Stir

Stir till the sugar is dissolved.
Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere,  Counter-Clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, Slosh it back and forth if you are on the Equator.

Step 10: Strain Into Cup

Once the lemon juice, water, and dissolved sugar have cooled, strain into a cup.

Step 11: Add Ice

Add Ice, to cool off your fresh Lemonade.

Step 12: Enjoy Your Fresh Lemonade and Clean Microwave

Enjoy your fresh lemonade and clean microwave.  Take the time to think about how cool the word "Magnatron" is and quietly contemplate all the Instructables you could make with all the pieces of a microwave.

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    I am absolutely certain that your grandpa is totally happy with you just the way you are. I also firmly believe that he quietly chuckles at your experiments, discoveries, etc. behind your back. And he probably thinks much as you do, about PI, and other intriguing ideas, one of which is whether you really needed to heat the lemon juice at all, when there are plenty of cleaners you could have used, while drinking icy lemonade. Thanks for the giggles!!!

    I have always used this method with plain water to clean my microwave before, but I will be adding lemon juice from now on ! I'm sure it will help with the smells that seem to stay in the microwave too. Thank you!

    If you put a lemon in the microwave for 10 sec it will give more juice.

    I'm going to do this tonight. Thanks for the instructable and the humor: D

    This was like magic. I shook my phone, and this appeared. The twin passions of my life are fresh lemonade and clean microwaves. Thank you, sir! And thank YOU, magical instructables shakey matchmaking!

    Thanks for the comment. I am glade you liked it.

    Hi! I'm house sitting and yesterday I used this method on a microwave that the house owners have never cleaned. Ever. It was like a Jackson Pollock if his medium with chef Boyardee and cheese.

    It worked like magic! I put it in for 5 minutes and kept the door closed for ten. Gave it a wipe, and the brown microwave was actually white! Amazing.

    Also, your instructable was particularly great, thanks!

    I am the maid, butler, gopher etc etc etc, when it comes to cleaning around here...
    Having said that, I can never thank you enough for sharing this Instructable. That is a great tip that I never thought of.

    TY Sir!!