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Since I learned how to use arduino to make stuff, I always want to use it to make a lightsaber with sound effect, and once I make one I found out it is not so difficult.So let's stared to make one!

Step 1: Material

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You will need:

1. A arduino nano (or any board that is smaller).

2. 60-80 LEDs( You can use any color you like).

3. A foam that LED can fit in.

4. A colorless plastic pipe(I use the one with 25mm diameter) and a foam tube that can fit in.

5. A pipe can use as a hilt(I use plastic pipe for this one).

6. A button switch

7. MPU6050(or any gyro sensor you like)

8. A18650 Li-ion battery(Because lightsaber needs a lot current)

9. A DFplayer mini mp3 module(for sound effect, you will need mini SD card for this module)

10. A speaker that lower or equal 3W(DFplayer can't use speaker that more than 3W)

11. A booster circuit module(arduino need 5v power but Li-ion's output is 3.7V)

12. #120 and #400 sand paper(to mill lightsaber blade so luminance is more uniform)

Step 2: Sound Effect

For sound effect it is really simple.First I use gyro sensor to sense angle acceleration and when the angle acceleration bigger than a number then play sound effect file in SD card,but after that I want it can play sound effect when lightsaber hit something. So I compare angle acceleration from last second to now if they are too different than play sound effect that is for collision. But it didn't work well, I think I should find a better way to sense collision.

The code:

Step 3: Lightsaber Blade

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Blade is the most simple part, but cost a lot time because you need to soldered 60-80 LEDS(depend on how long your saber blade and space between each LED).And after you soldered all LED you need you just need to put it in a foam tube then put it in the plastic pipe.To make luminance more uniform I use #120 sand paper rub the pipe first make surface foggy then use #400 sand paper to make surface smoother.And don't forget to soldered a resistor on LED to make sure it is in it's working voltage.

Step 4: Saber Hilt

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For saber hilt it is more complicated. And because my plastic pipe is a little bit small so I cut off some part of my battery holder. I also screw a hole for put in my switch.Further I cut down a part of the origin plastic pipe put it with a pice of Acrylic to make a battery cover.So I can change battery when it runs out of power.To make the hilt grips more comfortable it put a few foam on the hilt.Also I have use shape crystal for decoration(Ya you can see I don't have talent of art) .Then the final step is to color it, which I chose to use paint spray(I use black and silver for this one).

Step 5: Assemble All Pices

Finally, the last step is to assemble it. Remember the blade must be fixed on the hilt by the screw otherwise it the blade might fly away while you play it.Also be careful to the wires, it is very delicate especially when you assembling, if the wires broke you will need to soldered it again.

P.S(This is my first time write this kind of instruction, So please leave some recommend below.Also I am not a native english speaker I am sorry if you are confused about what I wrote)

P.S(May the force be with you)


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-04-23

Cool light saber


PiotrS (author)2016-04-23

could You shere the schematics i tryed to us this mp3 player and couldent get it to work thx in advence

Ingenuus (author)PiotrS2016-04-24

i forgot to said for use that mp3 player you must create a folder called mp3 in your sd card inside your folder is the filed you want to play. I learn how to use it in this website:

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