Make "Lye-Free" Liquid Castile Soap from your Kitchen

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This particular recipe is a base process to start making your own liquid castile soap from home.  It is repeated in several articles, books, and internet sites as being “lye-free” However, please keep in mind that all soap has had some form of lye in it at one point or another (if you can find a recipe that is completely “lye-free” during the WHOLE process we would like to know).  The goal here is to remove all the lye during saponification so you will not have any left in your final batch.  We want you to feel free to experiment with different oils however, to keep it “lye-free” use the measurements of the oil, water and KOH (potassium hydroxide) as stated below.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

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*  47 oz organic olive oil (technically castile soap is only made from olive oil but, feel free to try something completely different)
*  32.9 distilled water
*  9.39 oz KOH (potassium hydroxide)(where we get ours)
*  (Later at dilution) 80 oz of distilled water

(all pots, spoons, bowls etc. make sure they are stainless steel and/or heat safe)

*  Slowcooker (one that you will only use for soap, do not use again for food)
*  Accurate scale
*  Stick blender, immersion blender
*  Large stainless steel pot
*  Spoons
*  Bowl(s)
*  Vinegar
*  Gloves
*  Goggles
*  Hat
*  Containers to store your soap
*  Notepad and pen

Make sure you can set aside enough time during the day to give attention to your project without any distractions (easier said than done), have all of your materials ready to go, and ingredients already measured in safe and covered containers.
This is a fantastic tutorial - I did soapmaking for the first time recently and it was awesome. :D

Love all the gifs!
OSSC (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
(blushing) Hey thanks so much, and it is greatly appreciated :) I have also found that soapmaking is a lot easier than what I first imagined yet, it still offers that right amount challenge to make it the best that you can. We will post more in the future, the plan is to publish as we go (dish soap, hand soap etc).
Good luck on your future endeavors with soap as well :)
keglarek2 months ago
Those made with saponin contain absolutely no lye
potassium hydroxide is just as like sodium hydroxide aka lye
AudraC11 months ago
I'm assuming the olive oil and water are measured in fluid ounces. Is this correct? Is the lye measured in weight?
OSSC (author)  AudraC11 months ago
For small batches in the crockpot, you can use the same scale to measure the water, oil and the lye. Oil weighs more than water but, that would really only be an issue if you were making very large batches. Keep it simple with this recipe :)
sunshiine1 year ago
I have been wanting to try to make castile soap. This is such a great write up and your images are totally awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day!
OSSC (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Thank you so much for all the wonderful encouragement and I am so glad that you enjoyed it. This tutorial is the first of many, and it's a great starting point for those who have never tried making soap before.
You have a splendorous day as well, sunshiine :)