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Introduction: Make MP3 Player

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I am still looking for the right housing for the make mp3 player kit. It sounds really nice. But I have yet to find the right box to drop it in.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

Tools Required
Wire Strippers
Helping Hands
Soldering iron

Parts Required
Make MP3 Player Kit
Project Box
Return to Center DPST Toggle Switches (3)
SPST Toggle Switch (1)
LED Holder
Power Plug
5v Power Source
150 ohm resistor

Yes I have an extra switch shown... I can't count.

Step 2: Assemble Make Kit

Assemble to make mp3 kit, it comes with great instructions.

I did use a small piece of solderless breadboard instead of soldering right to the make kit,

Step 3: Cut Holes for Mounting Kit

Cut some holes in the bottom of the project box to mount the kit.

I used a marker to mark the holes in the box.

Step 4: Holes in the Side

Cut holes in the side of the project box to allow the SD card to be changed and for a headphone cord to be inserted.
I used a dremel with the cut off wheel for this.

Step 5: Cut Holes for Switches

Layout your switches and LED light, plus power connector, mark the spot and drill holes.

I can't count and added an extra switch...

Step 6: Wire the LED

Wire up your LED, I solder the 150ohm resistor in line with the positive leg of the LED, then send the other side of the positive to the positive line in your piece of solderless breadboard

Step 7: Power Switch

Solderup your power switch, one leg to the postiive end of the power connector. The other to the +5 pin on the make mp3 kit.

Step 8: Toggle Switches

I had used momentary switches in the past and didn't like the look. For this I purchased the spring loaded toggle switches and think the work and look cool.

On the kit you send the pins a negative load to activate them. So run negative to the middle, and then two other wires from the switch.

I soldered all three switches off of on piece of wire to make it easier to run the wires.

Step 9: Add the Switches

Add the switches to the cover and then run the wires to the correct spot on the solderless breadboard.

D0 - Track Up
D1 - Track Down
D2 - Volume Up
D3 - Volume Down
D4 - Pause
D5 - Zero/Stop

Step 10: Try It Out

Try it out.

I am excited about thise version. But I'd still like to find the right case.



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    can you make me a list of parts a prices and where to buy or were you bough them thank a-lot

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    Here you go: -RadioShack Project Box 6x4x2 #270-1806 $4.99 -RadioShack 5mm Blue LED #276-311 $3.49 -RadioShack LED Holder #276-080 $1.49 -RadioShack Toggle Switch SPST Toggle Switch #275-624 $2.99 -RadioShack 150 Ohm Resistor #271-010 $0.99 -RadioShack Size M Power Connector #274-1563 $2.99 -MakeZine MP3 Player Kit #MKMP3KIT $114.95 -DPST Toogle switches with spring return-ebay $6 for 25.


    Sorry, where did the mp3 maker kit come from?

    thanks you very much

    "why don't you use the altoids tin. seems to be used for ever other project"

    Probably the question is the answer!


    why don't you use the altoids tin. seems to be used for ever other project

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    Two reasons: - You'd need a really big altoids tin, the makemp3 kit is huge. - Altoids tins are played out, just like steampunk. -Joe

    I use the same enclosure for my portable amp made with old computer speakers.. I was just looking up an mp3 player circuit so I could add that to it when I found this lol :)

    I like the NES controller MP3 player, that might look cool

    I'm definitely making one this summer =]
    great idea

    2 replies

    VERY original

    i didn't say it was original. it states in the instructable he's looking for a different housing b/c of the size.

    the mp3 player is a fairly new invention. a switch board like that is pretty old, retro. making it with little switches and a little, thin, round, transparent box would look much cooler, cuz u only bought the actual mp3, then added the switches. it's nice anyway

    or maybe a handheld radio or walkman

    hey, why don't you use an old cd player, you could rewire the buttons on it, then make it so that you can replace the memory card and battery at will.

    nice work, but it seems a little big...

    2 replies

    personally think it should be bigger, with giant knobs. Everyone has a tiny mp3 player...individualism is cool (and horribly inconvenient.)

    true, but there's a point. Remember the mind-bent fork. Just because you're unique... doesn't mean you're any more useful.

    don't spam. its stupid.

    Nice, kinda bulky yet stunningly sleek