Picture of Make Mini Paper Snowflakes
Start with a blank piece of paper
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Step 1: Fold it

Picture of Fold it
Fold it like in the picture.

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut off the rectangle. Keep the rectangle and throw away the square paper because you will not need it.

Step 3: Fold & Cut

Fold the rectangle hamburger style. Then cut in half. Keep one of the squares and throw the other one away.

Step 4: Fold it

Picture of Fold it
Fold like in step one. Cut off the rectangle. Then fold again. 

Step 5: Make shapes!

Picture of Make shapes!
Cut random shapes in to the folded triangle. 

Step 6: Unfold!

Picture of Unfold!
Unfold the snowflake! It should look something like in the picture.

Step 7: Make many of them!

Picture of Make many of them!
Make many if you like.

Step 8: Now decorate!

Picture of Now decorate!
Decorate and hang them up as ornaments on your Christmas tree!
jadkins73 years ago
i don't know what "hamburger style" means.

ha ha ha me either!!!! What is hamburger style?

that means fold it so it's kind of tall. Also hot dog style means fat and short