Picture of Make Mini Paper Snowflakes
Start with a blank piece of paper
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Step 1: Fold it

Picture of Fold it
Fold it like in the picture.

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut off the rectangle. Keep the rectangle and throw away the square paper because you will not need it.

Step 3: Fold & Cut

Fold the rectangle hamburger style. Then cut in half. Keep one of the squares and throw the other one away.

Step 4: Fold it

Picture of Fold it
Fold like in step one. Cut off the rectangle. Then fold again. 

Step 5: Make shapes!

Picture of Make shapes!
Cut random shapes in to the folded triangle. 

Step 6: Unfold!

Picture of Unfold!
Unfold the snowflake! It should look something like in the picture.

Step 7: Make many of them!

Picture of Make many of them!
Make many if you like.

Step 8: Now decorate!

Picture of Now decorate!
Decorate and hang them up as ornaments on your Christmas tree!