Make More Geranium Plants From One Plant! Easy, Fun Propagating





Introduction: Make More Geranium Plants From One Plant! Easy, Fun Propagating

The ideal plant for a newbie gardener to propagate or "clone" is a geranium plant. 

It was my first plant to multiply.

It was free too, how can you beat that?

Not only are geraniums one of the most popular plants to grow around the world, they are also the easiest to multiply by stem cuttings.

You will become addicted to growing plants once you experience the magic of propagating your first plant.

I promise!

Please watch this very short and informative video outlining the steps to multiplying an ivy geranium plant.

It is called, "How to Turn One Geranium into Many Geraniums: Gardens of the Rich and Famous"

Then, get your supplies ready and if you need step by step instructions (with photos) please read my blog post on EdenMakers Blog:  "Propagating Geraniums: Take Stem Cuttings!"

'm happy to answer your questions. Just comment below and please share  the link the video with your curious friends.

Shirley Bovshow



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    Thank you!!! What a pleasure to watch someone so happy!! Totally made my day!