Introduction: Make Nitric Acid Using Electricity and Air !

In this instructable I will show you how to do the correct wiring for the Nitric acid reactor shown in the video above

Step 1: Watch the Video

In the video you will get a general overview about the project and how it goes.

Step 2: The Wiring of the The CFL to the The Transformer

1- First you must Identify the windings on your flyback transformer , the easiest thing to do is to check the circuit board of your TV if it has any marking , or perhaps google any writings on the transformer itself .... It that is a not an option, there is a load of videos online showing how to Identify the primary and secondary on a flyback transformer like this one :

[Play Video]

Step 3: AC Mains to CFL Ballast

Picture of AC Mains to CFL Ballast

Connect the AC plug to the CFL ballast circuit as shown and place screw-on terminals to 8the output of the ballast

Step 4: CFL Ballast Output to Flyback

Picture of CFL Ballast Output to Flyback

The long black wires coming out of the ballast should hook up to the primary of the flyback transformer ( the polarity doesn't matter )

Step 5: Attaching the Ground Wire and Final Preparations

Picture of Attaching the Ground Wire and Final Preparations

Attach the ground wire to the ground pin and you are good to go and create arcs !

Step 6: The Reactor in Working Order

This is showing the reactor after assembling everything together


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