Introduction: Make Nitric Acid Using Electricity and Air !

In this instructable I will show you how to do the correct wiring for the Nitric acid reactor shown in the video above

Step 1: Watch the Video

In the video you will get a general overview about the project and how it goes.

Step 2: The Wiring of the The CFL to the The Transformer

1- First you must Identify the windings on your flyback transformer , the easiest thing to do is to check the circuit board of your TV if it has any marking , or perhaps google any writings on the transformer itself .... It that is a not an option, there is a load of videos online showing how to Identify the primary and secondary on a flyback transformer like this one :

[Play Video]

Step 3: AC Mains to CFL Ballast

Connect the AC plug to the CFL ballast circuit as shown and place screw-on terminals to 8the output of the ballast

Step 4: CFL Ballast Output to Flyback

The long black wires coming out of the ballast should hook up to the primary of the flyback transformer ( the polarity doesn't matter )

Step 5: Attaching the Ground Wire and Final Preparations

Attach the ground wire to the ground pin and you are good to go and create arcs !

Step 6: The Reactor in Working Order

This is showing the reactor after assembling everything together


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