Make Operation Boardgame Into Shocking Paris Hilton Operation





Introduction: Make Operation Boardgame Into Shocking Paris Hilton Operation

This is an easy soldering project that makes operation shock people instead of just make noise or vibrate when you mess up! Fun and less than $10 if you already have the board game.

Step 1: What You Need:

Soldering Iron Stuff (Electrical tape, soldering iron, solder, wire, tester, etc)
Operation board game (I used the Simpsons edition)
FK901. Low Power Electric Shock Kit found @ online stores for about 4$
9V Batt
Printing capabilities for the Paris Hilton overlay

Step 2: The Printed Overlay Application

This is the image file i made and printed out on photopaper. You cut out the black places. You can lay it right over Homer or you can take the Homer off. (Thats what i did) Then I adhered the paper to the top of the boardgame with permanent dbl stick tape.

Step 3: Solder Up the Shock Kit

When puting together the kit don't solder the thumbtacks into the board. Instead run one wire from each of them. One of those wires goes to the bottom of the metal sheet (orange). The other i ran up to where the original wire comes out of the board (green). Drill a small hole for the wire to prodrude.

Step 4: Lastly, Connect the Wire Too the Pincher

In order to not complete the circuit continually i wrapped one side of the pincher with electrical tape. Then I put a size 11 exacto blade over the tape with the wire from the shocker wrapped arounf it at wrapped it with more tape.

Note: I mean no disrespect to Paris Hilton. Notice that she has a "Heart of Gold" in the game!



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    omg this is too awesomely funny,, have a long standing joke about Paris and sex..

    instead of using a "low power electric shocker"...why not use a disposable camera flash mechanism for a little more punishment! But that would be evil...

    You want to be careful with those. I bought one, but I dont know the capacitance of it so id warn you about not using them. With out that knowledge you could burn yourself pritty badly

    330v at 120uF (thats the highest rating from a kodak maxx i think.) it stays a straight 330v but ive seen from 80uF to 120uF to assume the worst lol

    that would hurt, to say the least

    yeah... thats why ive never shocked meself with them.... not to say i havent tried with lower voltages lol

    thinking back, I realize that I did actually do that. I was making a coilgun. my pinky finger got too close to the capacitor. the burn looked just like the scars on Heroes, you know, the ones that are two black stripes side by side.

    just have it make the flash go off... that would work fine for some...

    then no one would play. but maybe i should do that and let it have 2 modes.