Picture of Make-Out Practice Pillow for Valentine's Day

When I was in middle school, everyone "joked" about making out with pillows for practice. I'm assuming that I was not the only one for whom the jokes had some truth. Let's just all admit that we all practice made-out with our pillows and we looked really silly doing it. Those poor pillows.

There seems to have been little innovation in the make-out practice pillow department despite the rise in popularity of decorative "Let's Make Out" pillows and cuddle pillows that are shaped like a human torso, so it is time that I step in and offer a new solution to the middle-schoolers or lonely hearts of the world: a pillow with a mouth. You are welcome. You are so welcome.

I have to admit that I didn't decide that these gadgets needed to be invented by sheer and sudden inspiration. It came to me as a matter of need. As I was taking out the garbage to my apartment complex trash last year, I saw two enormous suitcases on the ground next to the dumpster. The size was curious to me, so I snapped the latches and opened those bad boys up. The chest-opening song from Zelda played loudly in my head as I gazed upon the majesty within--each case contained a CPR dummy and a big bag of removable rubber dummy mouths. My eyes were wide as I took the hoard of face-bottoms from their cases.. What magical creations could I make with such a weird find?

The mouths sat in a bin in my studio for awhile. They whispered to me as I worked in my studio. We are waiting, they said, and we are creepy. Don't you want to get us out of your studio? After many months, the rubber lips exhaled the idea of make-out pillows. I've been avoiding the insistency of the mouths, but as we near closer to Valentine's day I know the time has come.

I have to admit that when I mentioned this idea to my friends, the reaction from anyone over the age of 25 tended to be variations on "that's really creepy," and anyone under the age of 25 thought it was hilarious and awesome (middle-school to college-age seemed to be the sweet spot of people who really liked the idea). I thought it was pretty hilarious myself until I actually made the things. They are super creepy. But I sort of love them for that.

EDIT 2/14/2014: Since originally posting this 'ible, my pillows have sort of gone viral. I was interviewed about them on WGN Morning News in Chicago and gave a nice shout-out to my Instructables community. You can watch the interview here if you like. 

A PDF for the tags is also included in this instructable.

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'Forever Alone'

Aww :'(

kyle99771 year ago
You found it in your dumpster, so you decided to make out with it? That's love right there.
emilygraceking (author)  kyle99771 year ago

I really love dumpsters.

Lol, me too, you can find great stuff in there sometimes

crwydryny2 months ago

just a thought maybe get one of those pillows with celebrity faces printed on them and you've got the perfect gag gift for that obsessive fan lol

Darthorso6 months ago

Ahahahah OH MY GOD that's hilarious and super creepy ahah XD

Great job well done! :D

dodidie7 months ago
Dude that's awesome... Someday if I get a boyfriend I will surely practice on a pillow lol it's so weird people do this stuff and awesome

This is seriously on the edge of creepy, hilarious, and awesome! Great job!

I thought it was tonsil tennis
jmyers231 year ago
I'm still wiping my eyes. This is too funny! I love your creative spirit.
onrust1 year ago
That creeps me out. but looking most durable. Ill stick to just drooling on pillows.
Right... Kissing Practice....

^ Lol my thoughts exactly.

cburr11 year ago

Amazing job, Emily. These are so amazing. =)

emilygraceking (author) 1 year ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have run out of the 30 CPR mouthpieces I had, but I will be retrieving a few more from my friend's house on Sunday. If you are desperately hoping for a CPR mouth, send me a message/email ( and I will make sure to save one for you. For those of you who already requested mouths from me through etsy, they are in the mail! Happy making!

The response to this Instructable has been crazy--this pillow has gone totally viral all over the internet. I was interviewed on an Australian radio show yesterday morning and will be on a morning talk show in Chicago in a few hours, which is all super weird.

Instructables is the best community out there. Thank you all for getting the joke and enjoying the project!

"make out" sure that's what you are doing with it. You weirdo. LOL

Congratulations on your very creepy instructable.

shwa1 year ago
Hahaha finally R rated instructable love it great job.reminded me of Chuck Palahniuk book "Haunted","Exodus" part.
Be sure not to lend these to anyone

was thinking it but, you went ahead and said it!

l8nite1 year ago

ok, yes VERY CREEPY but I can see these being used in a haunted house on a bed or a few on a couch.. GREAT FIND ! and a dbl high five on the creation

benwade1 year ago

Creepy, but put a Squeel in one and you could really practice your technique.

mmathias21 year ago
This is so creepy. I love it.
alcurb1 year ago

Two words that start with 'cre':

Creative and Creepy

For the next enhancement: a servo-controlled wiggly tongue.

This should be put in the category of Unusual Gifts and Gags.

Nice work.

Ninzerbean1 year ago

ISTG I never made out with my pillow, but I think these are so hilarious - and the description of your reaction when you undid the suitcases is just perfect as I have scored finds that made me have the same reaction. Thank god there is Instructables where you can share something as zany as this, and to you for such a great write up.

emilygraceking (author)  Ninzerbean1 year ago

Thank you for such kind compliments. I am also incredibly thankful for Instructables. What a weird and wonderful community we have here!

Radicalone1 year ago


It would be fun to make one with arms as well! I would love to make these for my 3 nieces! I think thy would get a kick out of it!! Must find some faces!!
msdrpepper1 year ago
Now that was creepily fascinating! I'm sure I am dating myself to confess that the only person I wanted to kiss in middle ("Jr. High" back in the day) school would have been Donny Osmond... Back before the original "Donny & Marie" show. I'm not so sure I want my son (high school) to practice with this (he prolly has an iPad App for that!?). Ha! And my only concern, which you kind of addressed, was that the randome average person reading this won't be as likely to encounter such an unusual find at the local apartment dumpster as these RescueAnnies and CPRCarl and their replacement lips!! ( I have over 30 years of taking these CPR classes, so I am already very familiar with these mouths and the yuckky alcohol wipe smell that I have permanently associated with them!)... Although, this sounds like the perfect "surplus" for the 'American Science and Surplus' catalogs, which I have cherished over the years. So who knows, you may have created a new market for exterraneous rubber lips...? This is soooo freakingly hilarious of a concept!! (And no comment on other body parts. I'm not that desparately lonely....yet?).
quirkly1 year ago

My first comment after years of inspiration and information. You have given Instructables that flash of enlightenment that sends DIY to a new place. I have never laughed from an 'ible. Chuckle and grumble but this a real Valentine. Excellent use of materials at hand. You have my vote.


Creative = yes

Disturbing= yes

Amusing = Most definitely

ArticAkita1 year ago

a VERY light hearted pillow with 'help' for the shy kisser! with a creepy twist...better than just a smiley face pillow case. :D imagination is NOT at all lost! luvs it! Thumbs up!

5150tech1 year ago

Wow you are the master!

I don't normal comment but...O....M....G!!!!!

I am freaked out and in awe at the same time. So along those lines, What were you thinking! and What an awesome idea!

emilygraceking (author)  jiminigrist1 year ago

Thanks! I was really just looking for a way to reuse/upcycle the CPR mouths; they were just too strange to leave in the trash. This was the best idea I could come up with for reusing them.

thecapper1 year ago

I really, really love this. It's hilarious and clever. And I AM over 25 years of age, by the way. And not really that creepy, I don't think...

emilygraceking (author)  thecapper1 year ago

Thank you! I'm glad you love them.

The mind reels. With the zippered side it would be perfect to put a speaker or iPod inside so it could whisper sweet nothings.
Then, the opportunity to add eyes of various kinds is the obvious next step. Glasses? Lipstick? Pierced--nose--lip--septum?

Thank you for a fun and creeeepy instruct able. Please do more.

Putting a voice box inside the pillow is a great idea, and adding some personal touches really amps up the creepy. Thanks for the inspiration!

pypotheto1 year ago
Oh I see lonely dudes having weird fun with this pillow... Hahahaha great idea!!
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