Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Scissors (and a rotary fabric cutter is nice if you have one)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing needle
  • Sharpie


  • CPR dummy mouth. I found a whole bunch of them bagged up in a suitcase with a CPR dummy at my apartment dumpster awhile back, so I'm unsure of where you could get them. You can buy them through this website, but they are really expensive and you have to buy a lot. If you really want to make one of these pillows, message me and I can send you a mouth (I have around 30 of them). EDIT: Because I have had a number of people asking for mouth pieces to create these pillows, I made a quick listing for them on Etsy. If you would like a CPR dummy mouth, it will be $5 (mainly to cover the shipping so that I can send it to you). Get one here. EDIT AGAIN: I am all out of mouths. Sorry!

  • Felt. Cut two squares of felt than are 12" x 12". I chose to do the back and front of the pillow in two different colors, but if you want it to be all one color you can get away with buying a half-yard of fabric.
  • Thread
  • Embroidery floss. I used a color contrasting my felt so that it would stand out.
  • Glue
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Small piece of cardboard or mat board
  • Sheet of paper
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