Make PS2 Purple Discs Read in Your PS2 Simply by Using Tape





Introduction: Make PS2 Purple Discs Read in Your PS2 Simply by Using Tape

Good Afternoon everyone. This is my first instructable so please be kind. Are you sick of your PlayStation 2 making horrible noises and scraping sounds with your purple discs? Well so was I until I figured out a way to make the PS2 read my purple discs without having to open it up and do surgery. There is a simple way and I will tell you how. Sorry I don't have many pictures but the picture that I do have of my game disc should be suffice (enough) for now. So go get your purple game discs and some masking tape and let's make it happen!

Step 1: Just 2 Things Are Needed

All you need for this project is: 1) Masking Tape roll, and 2) Your PS2 Purple game discs (because we already know that the silver (clear-ish) and gold discs read beautifully but it's the colored ones that are giving us trouble.)

Step 2: What 2 Do:

1) Take a purple disc that you want to play and place it gently so you dont scratch it of course on a soft material (have the artwork side of it facing up and purple side down)
2) cut and place a 1 inch piece of masking tape on each side of the disc very close to the hole (center) of the disc.
3) you need two layers on each side so in total 2 pieces on top of each other on both sides so you need 4 pieces of masking tape total when you are finished.

Step 3: Now Get Gaming! :P

and now your disc will be read. i dont know if it's the weight of the tape or the grip of the tape that does the trick but I know that now I can play my Guity Gear X game for PS2 once more :). Any questions just ask me before giving a bad rating. Hope this helps you.

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Ummm, with a PS2 Slim, if you go to the main firmware options menu... Go to Digital Out and turn it OFF... Go back to browser, it will read disc... You do not have to mod your game discs with the slim at least, nor in my experience with the fat,

Didn't work. I used 1 inch pieces and then when that didn't work I used pieces that were roughly the same size as the pieces in the photo, and that didn't work either. Any ideas?

A technique I discovered that allows you to play blue bottom discs on the old model ps2:

1) open the disc tray and blow hard into the fan

2) put the game you wish to play in the disc tray and close it

3) carefully flip the ps2 upside down and the hit restart

4) you may have to restart the ps2 a couple times before it works but most blue disc games will start first time

Your idea fixed my ps2 laser thx!

Thank you!!! I can play half life on my ps2 now!!

Wow this actually worked perfectly

It worked thank you so much

OMG it flipping works! Re-playing Final Fantasy 7. Two other differences with the PS1 and occasional blue PS2 disc was the noise coming from the console. Before it was making an awful grinding noise. Now with the tape on, it's as quite as a silver PS2 disc. What an earth gave you this brilliant/absurd idea may I ask?

If this works can someone post a video of it working please

I have a PS2 Slim, and most of the time when I play a blue disc game, it makes a clicking sound. When I open the lid and close it again it helps sometimes, but not always. Anyone else have this problem? Will this method fix it?