Step 3: Now get gaming! :P

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and now your disc will be read. i dont know if it's the weight of the tape or the grip of the tape that does the trick but I know that now I can play my Guity Gear X game for PS2 once more :). Any questions just ask me before giving a bad rating. Hope this helps you.
dbradley122 years ago
dude! i was like theres no way this could work because it was so scratched up and it couldnt be read and those noises where horrible. but it did work and no more noises. thanks man
Yes! it worked thanks sooooo much for this instructable.
sjefferys3 years ago
Looks simple but yet I could not have managed to know it without reading this,thanks a lot, necessity is the mother of Invention, truly!
beebo444 years ago
it didn't work on mine for some reason : I :(
stu2theMax5 years ago
Blue disks tend to be a little touchy and not read as easily as a silver disks, due to the refection back to the eye. Version 1 PS2's were not made well so it doesn't help when trying to read blue disks. You can count on minor disk slippage because of this, but the eye has no problem with this on silver disks because they are easily read. When blue disks slip, it makes it even harder for the eye to read them. Creating a repetitive error. Adding the tape tightens the gap between the disk and the clamp. Absolutely no slippage of the disk. Making a lot less room for error. Adding the tape adds weight but when spinning does not change anything unless the disk is uneven. But then u would have to find the perfect position for the tape on the disk and it would not solve everyone's disk problem. Very rarely will you find an uneven disk. Hope this ends your pondering. Props on just thinking this up one random day because it's a great remedy.
punkrules (author) 6 years ago
I really don't know. It just popped into my head one day. Wish I could explain it lol...thanks for checking out my instructable ;)
how did you come up with this? it just seems like an unusual idea lol : )
thefyk6 years ago
It worked!!! I think it's the weight. I used 4 pieces of scotch tape because I could not find any masking. Nice find!
punkrules (author)  thefyk6 years ago
awesome :) scotch tape didn't work for me but that's good that it worked out for you.
esmacer6 years ago
out of curiosity, do you know why this works?(BTW 5/5)
Ashinka6 years ago
It worked, thanks. 4.5/5