Our District Cub Camp has different themes each year, and this year it is Harry Potter.

We decided right away that our pack will be Slytherin House (we're always the baddies at camp; we're the Dark Side when the theme is Star Wars), and our activities and leaders' costumes will reflect this.

At Camp, we often have Cubs with special jobs, so it was obvious* that, on a Harry Potter camp, those helpers would actually be house elves, selected from the smallest Cubs at camp. It was also obvious that our house elves had to look like house elves. That job fell to me, and this is what I came up with.

*to us

Step 1: Materials and tools.

The main parts of this are:

  • A plain "Alice band"
  • Elf-coloured felt - I bought two squares approx 25cm across from our local knitting shop, but only needed one.
  • PVA glue (or whatever suitable adhesive you have available)
  • The template.

<p>This is excellent, well done Kiteman, especially given the timescale. It's a shame I've only just noticed it, I would definitely have voted. Oh and the bumpy bit by your ear-hole is called the antitragus :)</p>
<p>Thank you (you learn something every day, eh?)</p>
I'm entering this in the laser cutter contest.. <br>Thanks
<p>This is an awesome idea Kiteman! Very cute and an original idea. Thank you for sharing, you got my vote! :-)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>No problem! :-)</p>
Oh this is super cute. Thank you kiteman for sharing.
<p>You're very welcome.</p>
HAhaha!! :)
I LOVE the sock pic at the end :) might try this for halloween!
<p>I'm planning on answering the door to trick or treaters like this...</p>
<p>Eeeeeeeeee! So cute. :D </p><p>Gonna have to make some of these!</p>
<p>They are, aren't they? </p><p>(I tried modelling them myself, but Conker-X is a lot more photogenic than I am...)</p>

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