Hey Hey all! Lil Smokie is at it again! Today I will give you the directions to make perfect sunny side up eggs.

I find that making 1-2 eggs at a time works best. When I use this technique on 3 or more my eggs come out more "over easy" then "sunny".

Step 1: Grease the Pan

Today I used bacon grease. However butter, coconut oil, grape-seed oil, olive oil. Whatever your favorite lubricant is in the kitchen should be fine!

Step 2: Heat Pan to Mediumish

I have an electric stove..its not my favorite. Had to make a few trail and errors over a couple months of breakfasts to figure out the perfect temp on this stove. I find mine works best on between 3-4.

Let the pan heat up for a minute or two before adding your eggs. Its always best to add stuff to a warm pan.

Step 3: Crack the Egg and Put It in the Pan

I think it is best to use the flat surface of my stove top or counter to crack the egg on.

Step 4: Season the Eggs

I use Black Pepper, Salt, and Garlic.

other delicious herbs you can add are:

Turmeric, Basil, Cayenne, White Pepper, or whatever your favorite herbs are!

Step 5: Heres the SECRET!!

Get a Lid for your pan and add a little bit of water to it.

Then distribute the water around the outside of the eggs.

Place the lid on top to create a "steam" effect. This will allow the top of the egg white to fully cook while the Yolk stays nice and runny...gonna have to catch it!

Step 6: Gently Loosen Up the Eggs

Once the whites are fully steamed to perfection about 1-3 mins remove the lid.

Use a spatula to loosen the eggs off the pan.

They shouldn't be stuck but it is just nice to make sure.

Step 7: Slide on to Your Plate and ENJOY!!

<p>Cold or warm or hot water? Are the eggs straight out of the refrigerator or allowed to warm first before cracking? Love what you've done. Looking forward to trying it.</p>
<p>That's the perfect way to make Sunny Side Up Eggs! </p>
I'll give that a go, cheers
Those are called basted eggs. They look great.

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