Make Picture Frames Out of Cereal (free) Box Cardboard!

A simple idea is sometimes the best. Here, I show how to make frames for any of the prints you might like to display, show, or simply have on your desk or dresser. Pictures, no matter how much we like them tend to become passe' after awhile. So why spend a lot of money on frames that could be put to better use elsewhere? Gather up some cardboard, the kind cereal boxes are made of, get your tools and make your own frames!
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Step 1: Scavanged or Reused Materials and Tools

Save cereal boxes, and other types of packages that have ample surface area. In this instructable, cereal boxes are used as well as some stiff cardboard from other packaging material. Regular cutting, marking, drawing and painting tools are needed as well. Some good quality glue is also needed.

Step 2: Cut Cardboard to Size

I use scissors, box cutters, and a favorite tool, the paper trimmer. First make a square cut on one edge, rotate the stock so that this edge is at a right angle to the blade, and make another cut. Now cut the blank to size, using the paper trimmer. This can be done with a straight edge and craft knife/box cutter as well. Prints I have framed are either 4x6 or 5x7. I decide how wide I want the frame to be, then add that to the dimension of the print. A 4x6 might use a blank of 6x8 and that would allow a frame width of 1 inch. But vary all dimensions as you see fit.

Step 5: Paint or Decorate The Frame

Most of the prints here have just been painted with acrylic paints, starting with a good prime layer. You can use decorative paper, cloth, stickers, scrapbook supplies, etc. to decorate and embellish your frames.

Step 8: Make A Stand Piece For Your Photo

Following the picture(s) cut a piece of heavier cardboard in the shape as shown. For this shape, think of a necktie. Make a shallow cut in the end of the stand, about 3/4 inch in, and bend the cardboard. Glue this to the backer board, and you have a suitable stand for desktop display. This is not needed, of course, if you just want to hang pictures on wall.
Great instructable. I am in the need for a picture frame and have quite a bit of leftover cardboard in need of use. Thanks!
ANTQNUT5 years ago
This is a crazy idea but I wonder if I coated some clear nail polish over the dry paint it would add some shine...
Creativeman (author)  ANTQNUT5 years ago
Yes, but why not just use acrylic gloss finish?  Water, soluble, easy clean up, very durable.  Cman
Nicely done project!

Creativeman (author) said: "use acrylic gloss finish"

Would that be similar to the acrylic floor wax products (such as Mop-N-Glo?) found in the household cleaning chemicals section of a store?
ANTQNUT5 years ago
I was just looking at an instructable on how to make a picture wall. As I was reading I thought-- It would really be nice not to have to go out and by umteen frames to do this I wonder if there's an instructable...... and voila! I scroll down and here this instructable is. Thank you so much for posting this! I love your instructables btw.

Cheers, Antqnut
Creativeman (author)  ANTQNUT5 years ago
Thanks for your comments ant1nut. Cman
ANTQNUT5 years ago
I Was hoping to hang my frames when finished.. would foam adhesive pads work? (I have used it before for cork board-- doesn't damage wall =)

chabias5 years ago
Wow! Those look like real wooden frames! Great job!
they do, very nice!
Creativeman (author)  chabias5 years ago
Thank you! Cman
tomstedham5 years ago
This is an awesome intstructable@!!! I'm gonna make some frames tonite! Thanks!
Ninzerbean5 years ago
Amazing! Great job.
Creativeman (author)  Ninzerbean5 years ago
Thanks, NB....Cman