Using a piezoelectric element can make a piezoelectric generator.

- piezoelectric

- wire


- Sticker A, B

Step 1: Wires Connected to the Piezoelectric.

1. Fitted with a wire on the piezoelectric.

2. Fitted with sticker(A) on the wire.

3. Fitted with sticker(B) on the sticker(A).

Step 2: Press the Piezoelectric.

Simple experiments may be a piezoelectric generator.

<p>thats actually cool :)</p>
<p>be carefull, if you hit the piezo too hard you may kill the LED.</p>
<p>thats actually cool</p>
I broke mine :(
<p>lol it's fragile </p>
<p>lol it's fragile </p>
<p>I made it. YYYYAAAASSSSSS!!!!</p>
<p>I made it. YYYYAAAASSSSSS!!!!</p>

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