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I suspect that overly fearful bureaucrats had something to do with this. This is some bad Juju. I would like an explanation as to why this was deleted. I am strongly tempted to make a video to replace this.

Exactly. Make one. He got too big as the king of random on YouTube so he has to follow rules now.

Why have you deleted your potassium videos?

Would it be possible to make Sodium with Sodium Hydroxide and Aluminium rather than the Potassium Hydroxide and Magnesium?

I can't seem to get my hands on the catalyst, is it needed? The catalyst only speeds up the reaction.

wow i love your video. perfect step by step if u have all said materials.

I have spend many hours trying to figure out how this could be done. (somehow an other solvent but water never came to mind long enough to consider it)
but can't the kinetics be improved? isn't there a catalyst which makes it a little bit faster,
no offense, but waiting hour(s) might seem like an eternity.

It only took hours in this video because i used magnesium turnings and i didn't stir it. Basically i wanted the reaction to proceed slow enough that you could see it.

If you use fine magnesium powder, shake/stir the reaction mixture, and use much higher heating (250 Celsius or vigorous reflux), you can be finished in one hour.

that indeed sounds a lot better :-)
thanks for the reply

I want a Nurd Rage t-shirt. Could make it myself i guess but would rather pay you too fund all the great work.