Ever wanted a picture with rain on it? View this! When you have no name banner or picture you can view my name banner instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/EBQN1Q5V4GEXCFM9WQ/

Step 1: Open Your Picture and Make Layers

Open your picture and the layer dialog by pressing Dialogs -> Layers.
Duplicate your picture 5-6 times (the more times the nicer rain)

After you duplicated the picture a few times make a white layer between each picture:

<strong>Thank You!</strong> This is so awesome. :) I've always wondered how to do stuff like that, and now I finally know.<br/>
Very cool, but I don't really want ot make animated gifs
You're probably already aware of this, but for those with little GIMP experience, you can change the length of each frame from the default (somewhere around 100ms) by editing the layer attributes. Just double click on the name of the layer in the layers dialog, and change the name of each layer to "frame 1(1000ms)" and then insert whatever name you want behind the close parens. The image explains it better than I can.
yeah I know that but the standard is OK for rain ;P
mine isnt working! I made like seven layers and added the little dot thingies and saved as animation, but it wont move.
yeah right but that's not useful for rain but OK nice comment

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