Step 7: Spoon Into Containers

Picture of Spoon Into Containers
Spoon the finished cat food into containers. Store the prepared food in manageable containers, like freezer baggies or one-cup plastic freezer containers. Wide-mouth Ball Mason glass freezer jars keep the food fresh longer. (Be certain to buy the "can-or-freeze" jars--not the plain canning jars.) Do not overfill. Leave at least a 1/2 inch gap or more at the top, because the food expands when frozen and you don't want the lids popping off.

Label the containers--with the type of meat and the date--and freeze.

Remove the food from the freezer during mealtime. Warm the food in a baggie. Do not serve the food cold straight from the refrigerator. Some cats will vomit raw food it if is very cold when it hits their stomach. Buy some cheap plastic snack-size zipper baggies, portion the food into them, and run it under hot water unti it has been warmed to at least room temperature or slightly higher. Don't use the microwave--see the Warnings in the next step.