I have a confession: I am lousy at origami! All those intricate little folds, with my stubby fingers...it always ends up in a crumpled ball on the floor of my studio! I wanted to make a paper tulip (my favorite flower) that would both look realistic and be easy for a paper novice to make! The stem and leaves are quite simple, but getting the look of the curved petals of a tulip when using paper seemed difficult...until I used this template! There is a little assembly required, but the result is a beautiful paper tulip with the curved bloom we all recognize!


Craft paper, pink and green

Spare chopsticks or wood skewers (you could even use a pencil!)

Glue or tape (I used a combination of both)


hole punch (optional but helpful)

Step 1: Stem and Stamen

  1. The stem is the easiest part, by far. The template piece is a straight strip, printed on green. Roll the stem wrap onto your chopstick/skewer and glue or tape into place.
  2. Either poke a hole into the center of the base circle or use a hole punch. I could not find my darn hole punch, so I just poked a hole with the chopstick and slid it through. Slide the base circle down onto the stem, approximately 1 1/2 inches from the top.
  3. Cut out the Stamen.  One side has a rounded bumpy look to it - you are going to cut down in between each one approx. 1/4 inch. Just a quick little snip! Then wrap around the top of the stem, making sure the bottom of it meets the base circle, and glue/tape into place.
<p>I want to make my mother a paper flower and she loves tulips thanks for posting this!</p>
<p>Cool &ndash; I'm going to try this! (fingers crossed)</p>
<p>Great I have been looking for a paper flower to use on some LED lights Thanks</p>
<p>This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>Love the way you made it, quite unique! </p>

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