This Instructable reports on a successful experiment in assimilating earthlings into the Borg Collective and describes the build of the applied Borg limb implants.

We Borg have repeatedly attempted to assimilate Earth, but finally success is at hand!

After the numerous failed attempts the Borg Collective decided a closer study of the human species was needed. Assimilating a small number of humans does not invoke important problems, but soon after the first new Borg drones appear the humans react strongly, interfering with further assimilation. However, memories from assimilated individuals showed certain occasions allow Borg drones to move among humans inconspicuously. A particularly important recurring time like this, is referred to as “Halloween”. In preparation of a large scale assimilation campaign next Halloween a drone was sent out to occasions referred to as a “Science fiction Theme Party” and to F.A.C.T.S.

Upon this occasion, an assimilation method was tested, based on a human interaction called “massage” and the mechanisation thereof with utensils. As the depicting records below show, this was a success. The response can differ strongly, but the method seems particularly effective on humans of the female gender. As one can see even candidates to replace the long lost 7 of 9 were easily assimilate.

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depotdevoid2 years ago
This would be awesome if you weren't intent on assimilating me. I'd rather keep my biological and technological distinctness separate.

Kudos for going with classic Next Generation Borg, by the way, I love it!