Welcome to my easy slime-making instructable.

Update: I added the translucent and more slimy version. Check it out.

First, I want to thank the kind help of JustAnotherDave who has done an excellent job editing this instructable. Thank you very much :)

I'll show how to make your own high-quality slime (this slime is not Oobleck; it is not made with starch) in less than 15 minutes (the timing starts once you have gathered the materials). Of course, you will learn about two topics related to slime structure and behavior: polymers and non-Newtonian fluids. To learn what "rheopectic" means, keep reading.

First we are going to make slime, then I'll explain the science behind slime.

Step 1: Safety First

This project is very safe.
However, it involves the use of borax which can cause skin and eye irritation, so do not touch it and of course do not eat it. It is toxic if eaten! Wash your hands very well after you finish your project and do not use the spoons and flasks you used in this experiment for food any more.

The resulting slime is also safe for children older than 5 but is not for eating (just imagine what a very viscous polymer would do to any stomach!). If it is accidentally eaten, look for medical assistance immediately! I advise you to watch your kids while they are playing with it to avoid accidents. If you or your children are allergic to anything, by all means use gloves to manipulate the slime. I'm not responsible for any damage or accident caused by making or playing with slime.
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Que marca es el resistol que estas usando?... no lo ubico como uno comun aqui, en Mexico... <br> <br>Tks...
Dragon Quest 9 is out!!!
Yeah!!!! Go dragonquest!!!
Isn't aloe vera gel/juice mucilage? You can get that at any drug store.
aloe vera is a plant... it can't be mucilage...
Mucilage is a thick gluey substance secreted by many plants; including the Aloe Vera plant. <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mucilage
Hi, I just browsed through the comments and was suprised, that nobody picked up the Adsorption theory. I don't think it's the right explanation, because the same effect also occurs with wet sand (like it's said in the link, that you gave us). In my opinion it's due to the fact, that the macro molecules are getting caught, when shear stress is applied. They don't have enough time to rearrange their structure and this results in a higher viscosity.
wait... what is the point of the slime if you can't touch it?
Your answer wins...<br />
&nbsp;0.o&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I don't understand, I just agreed that it defeats the purpose of slime. Maybe I just don't follow your response.<br />
Oh, I took your response as you giving the point value of the slime... sort of a pun... but I guess it wasn't...<br />
&nbsp;Oh, now I get it!<br /> <br /> Sorry, I'm fairly slow with understanding jokes. =P
I guess it makes more sense to [Like] (Facebook style!) but it makes more sense now with the launch of Google + which uses [+1] as a substitute for [Like]-ing
He meant dont touch the borax
You can stand on top of something and throw it at someone's head. <br>Skin and eye irritation, they teach you how to make dangerous weapons here =D
ya i just dont get whats fun about non-touchable slime...
you can touch it.... just wash your hands after wards and dont eat it.<br />
Good job!! Does anyone knows how to make this putty 'conductive'??
Hey, didn't you say &quot;don't touch it&quot; on the first page? o.O
likes like a slime from maple story
&nbsp;Except Dragon Warrior first came out in 1986 on NES.
I love the chocobo songs in the background of your vidios! Of course the slime you have produced in this instructable really is nice also so kudos!<br />
Still wondering about other colloid solutions (such as Polyethylene Glycol and Sillica Nanoparticles with Ethanol as a temporary solvent).<br /> <br /> The idea, here, is to temporarily thin the fluid with the ethanol, saturate a fabric, then evaporate the ethanol, leaving the fibers permeated with the non-Newtonian fluid.<br /> <br /> This process is used to make Shear-Thickening Fluid, for use in soft body armour. STF-treated Kevlar four layers thick showed the same protective quality as fourteen layers of standard Kevlar.<br /> <br /> Have you heard of the techniques necessary?&nbsp;Are there other solutions and processes which would produce the same effect?<br />
This is Neat! And OMG&nbsp;WTF&nbsp;HAPPENED&nbsp;TO&nbsp;TM2 MEGATRON!?!?! lol<br />
omg. people. u can touch the slime just wash hands after use
cool instructable, if you were to mix the chemicles in glo stix with he slime do you think you could make the slime glow . also love the music, chocobo racing from final fantasy isnt it?
The chemicals in glowsticks are radioactive, they'll give your skin a burning sensation. So unless your going to pour it in, then mix it, then never touch it again, fine, but otherwise probably not a good idea.
Are you nuts? Glowsticks are NOT radioactve! Chemicals Required: Sodium Hydroxide Luminol Hydrogen Peroxide (3% drugstore variety) Sodium Ferrocyanide Solution A: 1. Mix 5 grams of Sodium Hydroxide in 1000 ml of water. 2. When thoroughly mixed & dissolved, pour some of this solution in a small (50 ml) beaker and add 0.1 grams of Luminol. Luminol is difficult to dissolve so to help, tilt the small beaker to one side so the Luminol powder sinks to one side. With a glass rod or popsicle stick, keep smashing the Luminol powder until it all goes into solution. 3. When the Luminol is finally dissolved, pour the contents of the small beaker into the rest of the Sodium Hydroxide solution. This is your completed 'Solution A'. Solution B: 1. Mix 10 ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (regular drug store variety) in 1000 ml of water. Add in 0.25 grams of Sodium Ferrocyanide until dissolved. This is your completed 'Solution B'. It's the sodiun hydroxide (lye) that causes the tingle. Guess I have to make an instructable now!
Haha well not "radioactive", wrong choice of words there. But I once wrote on my skin with the juice from a broken glowstick, it burned. That's all I was saying, all though radioactive certainly wasn't the right word, not sure why I used it...
I didn't think they were that dangerous, but now that I did a little googling I guess you are right - though I don't think they are radioactive, just toxic. Though when I was a little kid I quickly discovered glow sticks could be even more fun if you cut them open and sprayed the stuff around. I did that a few times and never had even slight irritation.
i didnt know that it burned your skin, anyway thanks for the warning cause i was gonna try it
They do indeed cause irritation to the skin, because they contain hydrogen peroxide. They are however not more radioactive than other material around us, the glow is produced through chemoluminescence.
I love to pour glosticks on stuff. this would be very cool to have glowing slime. nice...
Yes, is chocobo racing from FF VII, one of my favorite videogames. If you find some safe glow option, pls let me know
Try <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sciplus.com/recommend.cfm/recommendid/3138">http://www.sciplus.com/recommend.cfm/recommendid/3138</a><br/>or <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sciplus.com/recommend.cfm/recommendid/12661">http://www.sciplus.com/recommend.cfm/recommendid/12661</a><br/><br/>Also, the FFVII music made me really happy.<br/>
I was thinking about this same issue (making the slime glow in the dark or under blacklight.) There are several blacklight flourescent dyes available, some safer than others. I have yet to encounter a truly safe glow in the dark option yet.
Awesome job on this, I am new here and you are the first person to actually provide the science behind what they post along with all of the references and I really appreciate that. I am actually going to copy/paste a link to this because the other slime type pages are full of people asking, "does anyone know why this works?" Thanks again.
mucilage is psyllium husks, available from your local health food store or some large supermarkets (health food section). Or you can use Metamucil, from your pharmacy or large supermarket.
thanks, I'll try to found it... so, the glycerine is not good?
I can use the glycerine to the place of the mucilage?
You can use the translucent <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.michaels.com/art/online/displayProductPage?productNum=gc0205&channelid=">Elmer's Galactic glitter glue</a> instead of the mucilage and get a waaay waaay cooler effect.<br/>
You got a link from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.coudal.com/">Coudal</a>.<br/><br/>L<br/>
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Well it has been 18 months... L

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