Step 3: Use Audacity to create your robot voice!

Picture of Use Audacity to create your robot voice!
Open up Audacity, and use the File menu to select "Open". Navigate to the file you just saved and then open it.

Here's where the real action is! Throughout the following steps you'll need to make sure that the whole audio file is selected by pressing CTRL+A. Here we go!

1) Select the whole audio file. Use CTRL+A (hold down control and press the "A" key)
2) Click on "Effect" in the menu bar, and select "Change Pitch..."
3) Change the pitch -14%, and click OK.
4) In the Effect menu, choose "Echo"
5) Change "Delay time" to .015 and "Decay Factor" to .65. Click OK.
6) Again in the Effect menu, choose "Change Tempo..."
7) Decrease the tempo by 10% (-10.000) and click OK
8) Repeat steps 4 and 5

Now play your robot voice with the green "Play" button toward the top. Isn't it amazing?

Last but not least, click on "File" and then "Export as WAV..." and save it wherever you like. 

You know, to make it even better, you could drop a bitcrusher on the voice as well to get the 'chirp' of a robot voice. There are some freeware VST plugins that do this, which you can use in Audacity.

If I knew how to do this in Windows, I'd outline it. For Mac, place the .vst file into the /library/audio/plug-ins/VST folder. It should show up in the effects menu of Audacity.
Squeakers137 months ago

OMGosh. I did it! It sounds amazing! Thanks a lot!

Connorses2 years ago
What he said. I found a bitcrusher and it is tight!