Make Scratch Proof CD





Introduction: Make Scratch Proof CD

This Video Shows how to protect data of a CD by adding an extra cover on the top. The second cover is taken from another trashed CD or DVD, no worry about cutting or size adjustments.



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    I have never had a problem with the TOP layer coming off. If you could scratch-protect the bottom side, that would be nice, but this is kinda useless :P

    You said it would work on MP3 players... but they don't have a CD-drive.

    Do you think this would work to protect the underside of the CD, too? You know, the plastic part that causes constant annoyance when scratched.

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    nop, it does not work for the underside, this is only for the top side.

    underside is very sensitive, nothing should be attached to it.

    Okay. Thanks. I guess I'll have to continue buffing my video games everytime they get scratched.

    WHY did you use that voice-over -comedy-value?

    Interesting make, I found blank platters at either end of CD-R multipacks, might still have some..


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    sure it works :) go on

    I may when I can get the DVD drive to work...
    What advice can you give on glues? Some of them would surely risk damaging the discs?


    instant glue, which takes only 20seconds to get dry. the pack is small.
    do not use to thick glues for wood or anything else.

    OK, thanks.


    be VERY careful.

    For audio CD's this will work OK most of the time... remember it does make the disc thicker, so slot loading drives(like macs, nintendo wii's etc, may jam.

    Also, high-rpm drives may cause spontaneous de-lamination. In the past, this was an issue even with super-cheap media from china, and the "new" 48x cd drives at the time At 1x(audio cd play speed @500PM) it's not an issue. but when you get to cd ripping speeds(x52 speed, @10,400 RPM) thinks get "fun".

    Avoid using the "blank" clear discs from spindles. they are usually 2-3 times thicker than the split CD/dvd. that will make the disc even thicker, and MORE likely to jam. There ARE some very thin endcap discs, that are very thin, and may work, but most are as thick as a regular media.

    That seems to be a very good text-to-speech synthesiser, can you tell me what it is? (very interesting instructable BTW)

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    it is an application from naturalreaders dot come, Mike's voice, i bought for about $50.
    year by year the computer created voices getting improved :)

    It sure does, thanks for that, cheers.