Picture of Make Shamrock Cupcakes from Standard Pans
Learn how to make yet another cupcake shape without having to buy specialty pans. These are great for St. Patrick's Day.  They are made using the same trick as my Heart Shaped Cupcakes.  You can adapt this technique for many different shapes by altering the marble placement and decorating techniques.

You will need:
cake batter (one box prepared according to package instructions)
cupcake pans
cupcake liners
marbles (rolled-up foil balls or pie weights can be used here instead)
colored sprinkles (optional)
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Step 1: Fill the Pans

Picture of Fill the Pans
Place liners in your pan(s). Fill with cake batter 1/2 full. Do not overfill!
To create indentations in the cupcakes that will form the shape, you will be placing marbles between the pan and the lining paper. Place two close together to form the stem. Place two more spread out about 1/3 the distance between the rest of the circle (see picture).
Bake as usual.

Step 2: Cool the Cupcakes

Picture of Cool the Cupcakes
Once they are baked, allow the cupcakes to cool at room temperature. The marbles will be quite hot so don't take the cupcakes out until they are cooled or you are prepared to handle the hot marbles. It is best just to wait it out.

Step 3: Frost

Picture of Frost
shapedcupcakes 005.jpg
Part of the shamrock-shaped illusion is the frosting method. The proper use of icing can remedy even a warped looking shamrock (such as occur when cupcake papers are too full).
Ice a thin line into the "stem" section. Then spread the icing in three arches to accentuate the leaves.

Cover with colored sprinkles, if desired.
wearingpink4 years ago
(that wasn't supposed to be a question, that was supposed to be a period)
wearingpink4 years ago
this is genius. super easy and super effective?
komecake5 years ago
  Great idea and very creative. :)
ChrysN6 years ago
Good idea to use the marbles, it looks yummy!