Step 3: Attach Wheels

Push the screw of each wheel into each hole and tape in securely on bothe sides of the wheel. (mine in on the guard around the wheel)
I fail to see how this would work. Cardboard? Really?
A long time ago I mounted 8 free spinning chair casters on a small piece of plywood. It was pretty deadly.
how small was this piece of plywood<br />
&nbsp;A little larger then the average skateboard.
lol &quot;my toe&quot;<br />
i did somethis slimar to this but with wood
Oops..... Potential Faceplant
sandwich paint stirring sticks in between cardboard for the ultimate unbreakable un stoppable cardboard-skateboard
Hey, good idea! I'm gonna have to try this next time I run across some random wheels. I have a question about how it rode: how was the turning? good/okay/don't point it at anything you don't want to hit?
I would never get on it. Cardboard is not a good material to make a skateboard out of.
Well i you cant get much stronger stuff in an office remember this is for the office supplies challenge
Of course you can. You take a hammer to a desk, rip off a piece of wood, you take some screws from it, and screw some wheels from a chair on to the bottom of the wood. And Bumpus, posterboard is even worse. Barely any stronger than printer paper.
i think what bumpus might mean is the poster board like that used in elementary school science fairs and such.
Still, barely any better.
Look at the new pics now. Just one more piece of card board and I can skate on the board. Rollerskates made like this would be more stable even if you are not.
maybe not cardboard but poster board is good
You sir deserve a round of applause. This made me laugh so hard. + for you!
good job, i never would have thought of even trying that!
lol, that's so silly. I wanna see a video.
Sorry, but ive taken it apart for another instructables. but the proof is in the pictures
Just duct tape a few more pieces of cardboard together, that should add some strength to it.
I've always wanted to make a hippe board. Just a board with wheels would be fun.
make it your own. that's wot i say
I really like this idea. I think im going to try this sometime

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