Step 8: Cap the Top

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Fold a lip lengthwise on some more aluminum rectangles so they have a round exposed edge and staple + overlap them across the ridge. The last cap piece will need caulking on the staples unless you try some tricky folding.

When I posted this Instructable, the roof was in operation for a month with a few spring rain storms. It had no leaks!!!!!!?? Crazy; I wonder how long it'll last.

03 Feb 2009- No major problems so far except for a bad hail storm; it has been about a year out in the weather. I had a few loose staples on the ridge cap last month. See the one-year pictures below. The dent damage seen in the photos was from a golf ball size hail storm late last spring that ruined every roof in town.
rwarrich2 years ago
Nice idea, though like some, tar paper under would be a good plan. also, if you stapled/nailed at the halfway point of the can/shingle, you should be able to go through the top of the row below giving more strength to the fastening. with only one fastening point I would be worried about the wind 'peeling' them off.
Muzhik4 years ago
If you didn't bother to "mold" the cans, could you simply flattened the cans to use as siding for your house?
Ole bally4 years ago
This is an awesome idea well done on the instructable! I have had it in mind for a while myself but never gotten round to it! We have hundreds of tons of cans here in Zim that litter everywhere! I'm also making a bottle crusher that'll reduce the disposable beer bottles to river sand grain size for use in decorative cement work! These projects are great for income for handicapped folk and charitable institutions!
Whamola5 years ago
Very cool idea. Time consuming, but cool. But yes, if you were planning to use this for more of a permanent structure for living or storage, using tar paper between the cans (er... shingles) and the wood would be the "proper" way of doing it. Good idea. Thanks
This is a really good idea! I would be careful on those sunny days, though. That roof will be hot and the reflection off of it will be bright.
I agree that the roof would be hot but, the bulk of the heat would be reflected away from the roof I would think. This is a cool idea, maybe we should do an entire Guiness roof.......
I want to build a medium sized shed for storing garden tools, etc. Think these shingles would hold out rain pretty well?
robbtoberfest (author)  thickneckarts6 years ago
I think so. So far, my shingles have held up very well for this first year; no leaks at all. For extra security on your roof project, maybe a layer of felt paper would help, but then you might have to use longer staples.