Are you broke? Are your shoelaces broke too? Here's a quick fix to your dilemma, and one that will last until next payday, in three easy steps!

Step 1: Materials

You'll Need:

Tape - Any kind will do if you have enough. I'm using masking tape. This instructable is made for the unexpected event of a broken shoelace, so don't expect masking tape to last longer than a day or two. Plastic tapes are a little more durable, with duct and electrical tape being the most durable.

Shoes - These are what you'll be lacing up.
i did that before but thay broke after a month
A month is a really long time for a short fix like this.
use duct tape. IT NEVER BREAKS! EVER!!!!!!!!! okay, it does, but it's still very strong :)
Duct tape is a primary ingredient for life.<br />
Money makes the world go 'round, Duct tape holds it together, and WD-40 keeps it turning.
&nbsp;gorilla tape
How do you replace the grommets?<br />
Hardware store and some hot or super glue? *shrug*<br />
My shoes are getting a little mangy and the laces keep slipping, so I&nbsp;think I'll give this a shot. Seems simple enough and I have plenty of duct tape in a variety of colors. Do the knots hold real well?<br />
Also, do these work for non-Converse shoes?<br />
would schotch tape would work? (i think it would look more trashy wich would be good cause i think im gona be a hobo for halloween ya i decide realy early so i have a long time to work on my cousteme
&nbsp;no because scotch tape is more of a plastic, if it is pulled tight and gets hit by anything it would Snap
That's awesome! Nicely done, now I should bring some tape everywhere in case my shoelaces burn somehow. ;-)
Pretty handy idea good job I do believe that gorilla tape would work wonderfully as well as it is quite strong (and a nice shiny black!) +1 and fav nice -ible

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