Make Signs Out of Cardboard!





Introduction: Make Signs Out of Cardboard!

How to make signs out of cardboard. Yes, it's easy and quite effective. All you need is a band saw or scroll saw, some free cardboard, a little imagination and you can make many different signs. For this instructable, THINK is used to show the process.

Step 1: Design and Cut Out Sign Letters

To make this sign, I went into my word processor and simply selected a font and made it to the size I wanted. In this case, it's 350 points.

Step 2: Trace or Outline Letters on Your Cardboard

Simply hold letters down and outline them with a dark pencil.

Step 3: Cut Out All Letters on the Bandsaw (or Scroll Saw).

I use a 1/8 inch blade on the saw so that it is relatively easy to make the curves necessary in cutting out the letters.

Step 4: Cut All Letters

Finish cutting letters.

Step 5: Cut Some Border Strips

For this sign, border or frame strips are 5/8 in. wide.

Step 6: Glue All Pieces to Backing

Carefully line out letters and place where wanted. Add glue and press into place. Borders are glued in this step also.

Step 7: Add Some Hangers to Sign

For hangers, I simply use some scrap paper, cut to about 5/8 inch, punch a hole in the two pieces, and glue into place. Sign is very light, so this method is sufficient.

Step 8: Admire Your Sign

Stand back and enjoy your handiwork. Sign is ready to hang.

Step 9: Possibilities:

Several other examples are shown to demonstrate possibilities for making signs. Check out my shop on Etsy. Enter creativeman under sellers:username

Step 10: Additional Cardboard Signs

I keep making these, thought some would like to see them. Hope your efforts are going well.

Step 11: One More Thing...

I needed to re-do my graphic on this sign so that it looked more reasonable. What do you think?



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    Nice and beautiful. All it needs is a little paint and will look like plastic.

    Do it all backwards and multiple prints (collograpy) could be made with your method. Very cool! I wouldn't have thought to use a bandsaw on cardboard.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    here is a picture of how the aluminium foil would add to the overall appearance to the signage.


    Thanks for your comments and it does give a different look. I wonder how larger letters would look???

    Nice Instructable. I have done similar sign in the past. I put aluminium foil to cover the entire sign after putting on white glue to glue the foil in place. it will give a silver metalic look to the sign and after painitng the backround with a colour of your choice, the letters will standout.

    I need to find some cardboard first...