Picture of Make Signs out of Cardboard!
How to make signs out of cardboard. Yes, it's easy and quite effective. All you need is a band saw or scroll saw, some free cardboard, a little imagination and you can make many different signs. For this instructable, THINK is used to show the process.
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Step 1: Design and cut out sign letters

Picture of Design and cut out sign letters
To make this sign, I went into my word processor and simply selected a font and made it to the size I wanted. In this case, it's 350 points.

Step 2: Trace or outline letters on your cardboard

Picture of Trace or outline letters on your cardboard
Simply hold letters down and outline them with a dark pencil.

Step 3: Cut out all letters on the bandsaw (or scroll saw).

Picture of Cut out all letters on the bandsaw (or scroll saw).
I use a 1/8 inch blade on the saw so that it is relatively easy to make the curves necessary in cutting out the letters.

Step 4: Cut all letters

Picture of Cut all letters
Finish cutting letters.

Step 5: Cut some border strips

Picture of Cut some border strips
For this sign, border or frame strips are 5/8 in. wide.

Step 6: Glue all pieces to Backing

Picture of Glue all pieces to Backing
Carefully line out letters and place where wanted. Add glue and press into place. Borders are glued in this step also.

Step 7: Add some hangers to sign

Picture of Add some hangers to sign
For hangers, I simply use some scrap paper, cut to about 5/8 inch, punch a hole in the two pieces, and glue into place. Sign is very light, so this method is sufficient.

Step 8: Admire your sign

Picture of Admire your sign
Stand back and enjoy your handiwork. Sign is ready to hang.

Step 9: Possibilities:

Picture of Possibilities:
Several other examples are shown to demonstrate possibilities for making signs. Check out my shop on Etsy. Enter creativeman under sellers:username

Step 10: Additional Cardboard Signs

Picture of Additional Cardboard Signs
I keep making these, thought some would like to see them. Hope your efforts are going well.

Step 11: One more thing...

Picture of One more thing...
I needed to re-do my graphic on this sign so that it looked more reasonable. What do you think?