Hi! This is my first instructable so I will do my best to make it as clear and easy to follow as I can. Also, the instructions are based on what I did personally, so read ahead a little bit if you feel like it could have been done in an easier fashion for future reference.

This instructable is for Spongebob's Krusty Krab hat I made for halloween last year. I know from experience that this prop is ESSENTIAL when it comes to Spongebob's outfit. The first night I went out I didn't have this hat and people just thought I was a school girl carrying around a spatula.......

Anyhoo, here's some EXTRA help for all you fellow Spongebob fans out there!! If anyone wants to be our lovable sponge for the upcoming Halloween or for any occasion, here is a list of things you will need:

- HAT!
- white short sleeved dress shirt
- red tie
- brown shorts
- black belt with silver buckle
- white tube socks
- black shoes (preferably shiny work shoes cuz you know, he's wearing his employee uniform...all the time... but I ended up wearing dark brown lace up shoes for easy walking and dancing :) anything dark colored should work fine as well.)
- carry around a black spatula
- optional: yellow shirt to wear inside

sexy version:
- make everything 10x smaller and wear some stripper heals. YOU'RE WELCOME! :D

on with the show.... 

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

Ingredients for one Krusty Krab employee hat:

- White cloth (for top part)
- Black cloth (for strip)
- Dark Blue cloth, preferably something thick (for bill of hat) I used the stretchy part of a Dark Blue sweater pant I bought at the Dollar Tree
- small strip of blue denim/cloth
- Stuffing (not the turkey kind. sorry.)
- Black rounded button (for the top) (or make one with fabric. see step 6)
- Cloth scissors (dull scissors (aka ones used for paper) make sewing so much harder)
- Needle and Thread (I myself always use black thread, but if you'd like, use the color of thread for the color of the fabric)
- Black and Blue Marker (red optional)
- Hairband in your hair color
- Pins (if you need them to keep things in place. I only use it in like one step)
- Scrap fabric for measurement (black if possible)

*When I just simply write "sew" in any step, it is always the running stich (an up/down/up/down motion with the needle and thread) unless specified.

I ALWAYS only use 2 (or 3) types of BASIC stitching for all of my sewing projects, so no need to fret :) To me, it's simpler and easy to work on small projects like plushies and fixing little things.
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