Step 3: Tamago

Picture of Tamago
Tamago has to be my favorite sushi.  I always save it for last, because its sweetness fills in as my "dessert sushi."  It's definitely not for everybody.

This is by no means meant to be a professional guide to making tamago (else it would be it's own Instructable, like this one!), since I don't have a proper pan or tools, and had never even attempted it before this time.  But this will show you how to make a reasonable sweet omelet to slice and use for sushi.


  • 4 eggs
  • 3 spoons of mirin
  • 2 spoons of soy sauce
  • 2 spoons of sugar
Typically, a square pan is used, but my regular fry pan worked just fine for me.

Combine the ingredients for form the tamago batter.


Oil your pan and cover it with a thin layer of tamago batter.

After 2-3 min, when the bottom of the omelet gets brownish, use a kitchen spoon to fold the omelet twice. First from the closer end towards the middle, and second towards the far end of the pan.

There's no need to flip the omelet, just fold it. Even if the upper side of the omelet seems uncooked before folding, the "inner layers" of the omelet will get done by the end of the process.

Lightly oil the pan again and add another round of tamago batter. The batter you have just added should touch the omelet you folded in the last step.  Mine totally did, but it still tasted good.

Repeat steps 2-3, until you run out of tamago batter.

Cut into strips.  (sorry I missed that picture!)

Tamago (as it is commonly refered to in Japanese restaurants) is also my daughters favourite. After some trying I got it to a level which my daughter claims is just as good as in the better restaurants and even better than some others ;-)
on 4 eggs:
-1 eating spoon (soup spoon) rice vinegar
-2,5 teaspoons Cassonade sugar (a very smooth type of light brown sugar, but please try your own)
-2,5 teaspoons mirin
-1 teaspoon light soy sauce
 You can indeed make it any good frying pan, I have been doing it for a couple of years. But I recently got a real Japanese tamago square pan for my 42,5 birthday. And I must say it does make difference. I even managed to make a 10 egg tamago roll without it breaking up or losing its regular shape. If it is your favourite type of sushi, spread around it is on your wish list!
Freak_095 years ago
Don't you mean "Tamagoyaki"?. "Tamago" alone means "egg", "Tamagoyaki" is the proper name for this dish and stands for "fried egg".