We love making recycled jewellery and this bangle is really easy to make!

Please note: this craft involves the use of sharp scissors, and melting plastic. Therefore adult participation is essential.


  • Plastic soda bottle
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Art Knife
  • Blow pens
  • Clear acrylic sealer spray I
  • Iron

Step 1:

Mark out the width of your bangle (we chose 4.5 cm)

Step 2:

Cut along the line you have just measured.

Step 3:

  • Paint the bangle with Blo Pens
  • To seal the paint, I used Acrylic Crystal Clear Spray.

Step 4:

  • Set the iron on medium heat
  • Gently press the plastic ring on the iron, move the plastic in a circular motion until both ends form a rounded edge.

Step 5:

Now the bangle is ready to wear!

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<p>Does this leave a residue on the iron? I'd hate for my husband to have plastic bottle melted into his dress shirt. Otherwise, this is wonderful, and as soon as I find the old iron, I'll have to try this very cool idea. Thank you for posting.</p>
The final project looks so fancy but it looks easy to do! Thank you!
<p>The image of the bracelet on the iron looks so different from the final piece. Was there a step in between, or did the iron somehow make the bracelet look cool and not just seal the edges? Thanks.</p>
<p>I sprayed on more paint after I ironed the edges in, and sealed it with acrylic spray. That's why it looks different. </p>
You should add this as well.
<p>Thanks for your suggestion! I will add that in. </p>
I'm also waiting for info on &quot;blow pen&quot; ! :-)
<p>&quot;Blo Pens&quot; They are kids pens specially designed for stenciling and making a spray paint effect on paper.</p>
You should add this to your instruction Step 5.
<p>This is so good for for the environment, a plastic bottle recycling. This is so cool for school projects. Good work! </p>
<p>Thank you! Totally agree with you this would make a good school project on recycling / upcycling.</p>
Is this project good for long term, in terms of the marker wearing?
<p>Neat-o! I can't wait to try this with our summer group of makers. TFS \m/</p>
Fantastic! I'm glad you are going to try it out! Thanks
<p>Love this, thanks for sharing~</p><p>sunshiine~</p>
<p>Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! </p>
<p>Does this ruin your iron or mess it up? Could I put a piece of aluminum in between the two? I don't have those kinds of pens you used, can I use any kind of other pens or paint? Thanks!</p>
It didn't ruin my iron. I was very careful and set the iron at a low heat first and slowly increased the temperature to medium heat. I also moved the plastic continuously over the iron so it didn&rsquo;t stick to the iron. Maybe baking paper would work better than aluminium foil?<br> <br>Yes, other pens or paint will work. You will need to seal the pens so they don&rsquo;t smudge on your skin. <br><br>I used acrylic paint on another bangle I made which turned out well. The pens I use are called Blo Pens. They are kids pens that have been specially designed for stencilling and making a spray paint effect on paper.
<p>Thanks so much! :)</p>
<p>Does this ruin your iron or mess it up? Could I put a piece of aluminum in between the two? I don't have those kinds of pens you used, can I use any kind of other pens or paint? Thanks!</p>
You copied Roman UrsuHack :D
I was curious what a ron was, lol! but it's just a simple spelling mistake (iron).<br>Great instructible!
Woops! Thanks for letting me know! :)
<p>That is so cute and I haven't even heard of those blow pens since I was little! Super cool :)</p>
<p>Thank you! I love the spray paint effect the pens make.</p>

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