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Introduction: Make This Beautiful Pink Box

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This box can be made from scraps of material and odd jewellery, stickers, ribbons etc. that can often be found on old cards. Before discarding them, make sure you retrieve all the decorations, as they make great additions to a craft such as this.
Firstly take a strong, medium-sized cardboard box with a lid and cover it inside and out with pink felt, or a similar material.
Stick a length of lace or other light, contrasting material around the bottom, with the join at the back.
Place a length of thin ribbon around the top edges of the lid and box and stitch it into place.
Place a length of beads (such as on old necklace or bracelet) along the back  inside and outside rims of the box where  it joins the lid.
Add a few of those stickers or badges that you have saved from old cards etc, sticking or sewing onto the inside and outside of the lid.
Complete by fastening an odd drop-earring on the centre-front of the lid and place a piece of white lace (or whatever you used on the outside) on the bottom of the box inside.

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