Introduction: Make This Star Wars BB-8 Felt Keychain

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Have you seen “The Force Awakens”? This easy keychain has been inspired by the droid BB-8.

What you need:

Orange felt

Black felt

Grey felt

Fabric glue

Hot glue


Pattern of BB-8


Hole punch

Silver thread

Step 1:

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Cut out a pattern from a coloring book.

Step 2:

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Trace the pattern onto the white felt, and cut out the BB-8 shape.

Step 3:

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Trace the parts of the droid on the orange felt.

Step 4:

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Trace the grey pieces, and cut out those pieces as well.

Step 5:

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Use the hole punch to cut out a black circle of felt.

Cut a larger circle for the photoreceptor.

Step 6:

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Cut a long strip of grey felt, and glue it onto BB-8's head

Step 7:

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Glue on the black circles.

Step 8:

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Make a smaller orange strip, and glue it on BB-8's head.

Trim the orange felt if the sides are too long.

Step 9:

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Glue on an orange rectangle and an orange square to finish BB-8's head.

Step 10:

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Assemble all the pieces for the droid'€™s body.

Glue all the felt pieces to BB-8's body.

Step 11:

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Hot glue a looped piece of silver thread, and then stick a small square of white felt over the glue and silver thread to reinforce it.

Step 12:

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Allow the glue to completely dry before attaching BB-8 to your school bag.


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hi you're so awesome

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Thanks so much!

Shrk (author)2016-02-03

hi you're so awesome

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Awesome keychain!

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