Step 5: Listen and Enjoy, Additional Concepts

Personally I like to do the standing up method as seen in the first photo, since the jack can move freely I just stick my mp3 player next to it. Mine are quite loud, decent enough to hear from one room to the next, I've yet to test it in loud/public areas though but I will update later when I get my new mp3 player next month. As far as sucking battery life, I haven't really noticed any difference to say, using a pair of headphones.

Some additional concepts I was thinking about earlier are here:
- Fold open speakers, speakers facing inward and open up to listen to.
- Permanent jack attached to some part of the tin. I have a long type mp3 player with the jack at one end, so if I put the jack sticking out of the back the mp3 player could act like a stand. Alternatively I could put it on the side and achieve a similar affect with a right angle jack like the one I used.

Most of the ideas here were discarded because they weren't as feasible or appealing. I wanted a retractable jack and the speakers needed longer wires to fold open properly. Perhaps one of these designs might be better suited for whichever tin or jacks you use.
when i cut my cable up, it had four unisolated wires in it , one green, a red and two copper colored ones, how should they run????
red is right green is left the 2 copper ones are -
Thats excattly mine! I'm confused!
... that mean u have 2 speaker sides green and copper1 for left or right earbud and red and copper for the other
The red and green should be the positive leads for each speaker/ear-bud, i'm not quite sure what the convention is for left and right though, you can play around with it, but in my case it didn't matter cause i could switch them anyways. The copper wires are ground and connect to the negative lead. Unless your speaker specifies which is negative and/or positive, it shouldn't matter how you hook it up, just maker sure you have the left and right (green and red) going to different speakers. If your hooking speakers directly into a 3.5 mm jack, they have 3 solder points on the inside, 2 coming out of the middle and one on the outside. The two on the inside are left and right, the outside is ground. so you would connect both copper/ground/negative wires to that point.
... that mean u have 2 speaker sides green and copper1 for left or right earbud and red and copper for the other
&nbsp;could i use this with my guitar?<br /> <br />
Purchase an adapter, they have them at most stores. It fits over the 3.5mm and makes it the size of an amp plug thingy.
I don't own a guitar so i wouldn't know. I assume you need some sort of amplifier though first. Search instructables and look around, there are several of these, here's something i found after looking for mini amps. https://www.instructables.com/answers/how-to-make-a-mini-guitar-amp/
currently the speaker is running on the power supplied by the ipod, can anyone suggest how can i supply power externally<br>pls help<br>
nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
the speakers you ended up using weren't from the dollar store speakers!
dude that is very cool I put mine in a coffin shaped smoke case
About your inward facing speakers where you listen with the case open, the plastic piece could be used to hold the music player in place if its one of those small ones. I have an idea with my ipod shuffle for this (i got one for free off some free offer somewhere).
my sister got the original shuffle. she was throwin it away sos i take it and i gutted it :p and its insides were old (duh, no seprise there) and it was to ... shuffley for the project i had in minde. (btw microsoft zune is beter then the apple ipod but the samsung... is best in terms of quality. it went through my washing machine x2 (lol, washer and dryer twice, lmfao) then got taken apart haphazardly put togethor and still work. albeit with constant battery drain even when off)
yeah that could probably work if it's thin enough, there's only about a 1/4 inch of space and it down on the sides too.
Ha! It's good!
thats cool you gave mne a good idea for speaker now if only i could find that old radio
Yea! Finally another X-It mint tin project, so far there are 3! haha Very nice, but the speakers you used look like earbuds :S Odd.... Anyways... Nice! -gamer
Being together the loudspeakers, the stereophonic effect is lost.
I agree however, if you have songs like I do that have sections played only on one side of a set of speakers and you have mono, that section will be lost. It's like when the guitar solo is only on the left earbud and since you're sharing with a friend you only have the right.

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