Picture of Make Tree Limb Coasters
A fallen limb all sliced up turns into a naturally appealing set of coasters. (I see a Mother's Day present.) You need a chop saw or miter saw, some wood stain and a sealer.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need a chop or miter saw, a sander, wood stain, a polyurethane sealer or a craft sealer, foam brush, felt for the bottom and glue for the felt.

Step 2: Chop Chop

Picture of Chop Chop
Carefully, and I repeat, CAREFULLY hold the limb under the saw blade and cut slices approximately 1/2 inch thick. Five or six coasters make a nice set.

Step 3: Sand Until Smooth

Picture of Sand Until Smooth
Using an electric sander, or by hand, sand one side of each wood slice until they are nice and smooth.

Step 4: Stain

Picture of Stain
Using a foam brush, add wood stain to the sanded surface and around all the edges of the slices.

Step 5: Seal

Picture of Seal
After you have the depth of stain you like, let the coasters dry and then seal one side and all edges with polyurethane or craft sealer.

Step 6: Dry Completely

Picture of Dry Completely
Lay out the coasters on a flat surface to let them dry.

Step 7: Non-Scratch Bottom

Picture of Non-Scratch Bottom
Cut out felt circles to fit the bottom of each coaster and glue the felt on securely.

Step 8: Give To Mom For Her Morning Coffee

Picture of Give To Mom For Her Morning Coffee
Wrap these little beauties up in a pretty bow and present them to your dear ole' mom. She'll be reminded of your sweet handmade gifts of years gone by and that you're still the best, most special kid in the whole world.