Make Tree Stumps Look Good



Introduction: Make Tree Stumps Look Good

We cut some trees down and had these stumps left so instead of having ugly we decided to make planters with them.

Step 1: Materials

-2 flower pots that fit within each other
- Long screws
- washers
- flowers of your choice

Step 2: Make the Stumps Level

Sorry but I don't have pictures of me actually doing this. Just use your tool of choice.

Step 3: Secure an Empty Pot to the Stump

I put an empty pot on the tree stump for when there's bad weather you can just remove the flowers so they don't get destroyed. and the picture is self-explanatory on how to secure

Step 4: Now Put the Pot With the Flowers Into Them and You're Done

Now I just sit back with and admire the work with your supervisor.



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